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I tried to apologize to her.

I once did something so wrong and never was able to apologize. Yesterday I tried to apologize as she was physically there. Couldn’t look at her n say it so I looked away. But I hope she heard me as I repeated myself and as I wasn’t part of her conversation group. I hope she knows I’m truly sorry for all I did. She deserve that and more. I pray she heard me and I wish she knew how much I regret not denying my feelings for her yrs ago. Want to be close to her again she was an amazing person.
Dv8rs · 18-21, F
If there was no eye contact, it makes anything said seem insincere. If you are truly sorry, you have to look her in the eyes, even if she doesn't make eye contact back, it means everything. What you did when you apologized, with no eye contact, was spin wheels.
@Dv8rs agreed I will totally do this some day she deserves it. Just don’t know how as I would want to do this in private and I don’t see that ever happening. Though I will wait for the moment and totally do that I want to so badly let her know how truly sorry I am. Your right it’s not the same but until that moment comes it’s the best I been able to do to convey my sorrow.
smiler2012 · 56-60, M
{@userfawkes1105] it is good you realised you made a mistake in how you treated them and your apology is admirable. only one i question is the sincerity of your words when you could not look them in the eye and will it be taken as a genuine apology
@smiler2012 I was ashamed for what I’ve done didn’t want to make her feel bad for what I did again. But I’m working up the courage to someday do this if I can

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