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Ever had a sunstroke?

When I was like 13 I did. It was a hot day. Suddenly all I could see was black.

The other day it was very sunny. My head was kinda spinning and I felt confused for a brief time too.

I'm not sure I can call those proper sun/heatstrokes as my body temp felt normal
but the sun definitely affected me in some way 馃尀
Myself no. But a good friend did in middle school. We were walking around talking outside and then he started babbling incoherently like he had a stroke and went face first into the grass.

He was rushed to hospital and ended up ok.
Asmae31-35, F
It is scary especially if it's the first time @PicturesOfABetterTomorrow
@Asmae Was scary to witness. Hearing him suddenly babbling nonsense, his eyes rolled up into his head and he just fell face first.
Asmae31-35, F
I'm glad he was ok @PicturesOfABetterTomorrow
maturedragon26-30, M
I've had heat stroke bfore, when I was a teenager I was on a class trip, I was telling one of the people in charge I was feeling very drunk and showing them I could not walk in a stright line lol
Asmae31-35, F
What happened next? @maturedragon
maturedragon26-30, M
@Asmaewell good thing it was at the end of the day and we were just starting the campfire night, they gave me a lot of salt water to drink and was told just to go sleep
Asmae31-35, F
For me they took me to the shade and gave me some water & juice. I started to feel better quick @maturedragon
SlaveEt31-35, F
I think what I had happen to me as a child was heat exhaustion. Not sure I blacked out but I spent many hours vomiting, and swinging between feeling very hot and bone chilling cold. I was one miserable kid there for a bit. Scared my parents pretty good too I think. 馃し鈥嶁檧锔
Asmae31-35, F
It's more common among kids & teens I reckon @SlaveEt
deadgerbil22-25, M
Not yet. I kinda get acclimated. I go out even in 35c temps with a light jacket and jeans bc I don't want sun on me at all. Got tanned heavily once, never again
Asmae31-35, F
Haha tanning is not a bad thing at all
Normally I like the sun 馃槆
In summer I witnessed days where it was 47-48掳C but in such conditions if I have to be outside I try to stick to the shade as much as possible
deadgerbil22-25, M
@Asmae do you ever use tanning beds?
Asmae31-35, F
I don't need to 馃槄
I'm naturally tan and the sun here does the job @deadgerbil
ButterRobot51-55, M
Yes - it led to one of the worst nights of my life. I still remember it 30 years on.
ButterRobot51-55, M
@Asmae yeah...and went to school the next day lol.
Asmae31-35, F
Haha what a champ @ButterRobot
SlaveEt31-35, F
Yep me too. And the leg/body cramps were something else too! I had forgotten about those, lol.
I came extremely close one time I've been out dehydrated get home my body wouldn't regulate its temperature I was shivering but it wasn't cold I was sweating but I wasn't hot. I held my daughter close until my body temperature matched hers.
Yes. A few years ago. I was dehydrated and watching a girls' soccer game on a hoy sunny day (unusual for where I live).

My speech started slurring, and I was getting dizzy.
Asmae31-35, F
Did you notice a change in your body temperature? @Northwest
@Asmae yes, I was feeling cold while sweating.
Loverofthebeautiful41-45, F
Yes, I was a kid and playing in a 5-a-side football tournament and it was scorching hot sun. I ended up with a banging headache and being sick.
Yes twice, it doesnt even need to be that warm for me to get it.
Asmae31-35, F
How was it treated? @Ozymandiaz
@Asmae I slept it off. it wasnt a serious case.
Asmae31-35, F
Glad to know @Ozymandiaz
GuyWithOpinions31-35, M
Yeah. I work outside. Its happened a few times. Gross feeling.
Asmae31-35, F
Have you ever had to go to the hospital for it? @GuyWithOpinions
GuyWithOpinions31-35, M
@Asmae no. I Just get some water and shade. Maybe throw up or pass out. But as long as your getting water and shade you will eventually be fine.
I had sunstroke the day before my grandma died in 2000
exotic22-25, F
empanadas31-35, M
Not that I remember.

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