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You're impressed by huge?

Jupiter:Earth scale
We're less than a grain of sand on the universal scale and the rise of our 'civilization' is a mere blink of an eye, and yet here we are scrabbling and arguing over pieces of dirt, skin colour, who people want to sleep with, and who has the most 'real' imaginary friend.

Just apes with delusions of grandeur, absolutely pathetic 馃槖
starmitzy51-55, F
@Whodunnit ain't it wonderful 馃槅
@Whodunnit I think the ape analogy is very helpful to understand why humans can鈥檛 get along better. In biological time, we鈥檙e a blink away from total animal.
caesar761-69, M
@Whodunnit I like the way you think!! 馃憤
Yep. Jupiter is massive in mind bending ways. Consider that an asteroid struck this planet, some believe to be the size of earth. Likely contributing to the Valhalla crater across its face.
Degbeme70-79, M
Jupiter is my favourite planet. Uranus is the other. 馃槵
Degbeme70-79, M
@starmitzy I`m sorry I need a nap. Getting silly here. 馃檲
starmitzy51-55, F
@Degbeme well I've just finished night shift so I am going to bed 鉁ㄢ湪 behave Deg 馃槢
Degbeme70-79, M


Sweet Dreams.
Fishy31-35, F
Lol, this makes planet earth kinda look like a zit 馃槀
FurryFace61-69, M
imagine if Earth was that size
starmitzy51-55, F
@FurryFace would give a whole new meaning to crowded subway!!
turns out size doesnt matter
Flawsome46-50, M
Check this out !
Olympus Mons [media=https://youtu.be/QXpzNNARzGI]
Hikingguy56-60, M
So awesome!
SilkandLace241-45, M
Very cool!!
Wow 馃槷
the bosom of jupiter
earth is the nipple that provides life haha
starmitzy51-55, F
@SW-User 馃
Tres1351-55, M
Looks like a Vagina
starmitzy51-55, F
@Tres13 馃ぁ
therighttothink5056-60, M
That's how I like my dix
starmitzy51-55, F
@caccoon maha
deadgerbil22-25, M
@caccoon smh
@caccoon tiny and blue?
Excellent. And the other way. If Jupiter was our moon.
[image deleted]
What's amazing is just how many [i]centuries[/i] that Great Red Spot storm has been spinning
starmitzy51-55, F
@SW-User earthlings really need to remove heads from ass and get things into perspective
@starmitzy and ponder comet Shoemaker鈥揕evy 9 slamming into Jupiter in our lifetime, among other things

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