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What is called when you're not happy but you're not sad either ,you're just ...

Feeling flat ....
TheCaterpillar · 41-45, F
@Blondily this 👆
MethDozer · M
@Blondily Melancholy means extreme and intense sadness
WaryWitchWandering · 31-35, F

Like all senses are muted a bit

It could be a bright sunny day but the colors don’t look vibrant. I could be eating a delicious meal, but I’m just doing the motions.
I call it being close to numbness.

Either ways, moderation is just fine. Too much devastates.
@Eidolon that's a good word
Eidolon · M
@PurgatoryPrincess by the way - best way out of it is finding something to look forward to.
example....Take up a new hobby, enrol in a new course (loads free online), start learning a new language, book a vacation for the not too near future, start reading a lengthy book (Stephen King's "IT" is a good read if you haven't already)...
Just have something that would give you a sort of gratification after some stretch of time.
@Eidolon yup done this
fun4us2b · M
Well being happy is just weird - when you see someone all cheery and perky doesn't everyone else ask "what the hell's wrong with them?"

Another of my friends once said "I'm not happy unless I'm miserable" 😅

I know, I'm just being silly - but hope you get some fresh air and lighter thoughts 🙂
@fun4us2b Thank you 😊
Beatbox34 · 31-35, M
I call it my numb state.

I'm smiling like an idiot but I can't feel anything anymore. I drink to let myself get into that state. I go hard because I cry and feel so much. I want to stop feeling and I just smile when I'm drunk. I don't get high but it gets me there. It shuts me up too.
@Beatbox34 i understand this

I feel everything all at once
Or nothing at all
Gaiia · F
Ferric67 · M
@Gaiia I'm indifferent with just about everything in my life 😐
Gaiia · F
@Ferric67 well that's negative. find something to enjoy.
Dragonsballsack · 46-50, F
I described myself as feeling like a piece of furniture the other day

Not treated like one

Feeling about as much as one
@Dragonsballsack I feel like sweatpants ...if that were a feeling
Dragonsballsack · 46-50, F
@PurgatoryPrincess you made me get teary, that somebody understands ❤
Ethannuel · 22-25, M
Sounds like you might be “coasting” through life right now.

Any reason you might be in this funk?
@Ethannuel lots of reasons
Agh yes that's me today...monotone life...miss the technicolor love and butterflies idk why some days I just wake up like this.
Boleuskas · 41-45, M

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