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I saw some freaky sh!t at 3:30am!! The only thing I could see were the eyes shining in the flashlight...馃く about 6 feet off the ground!!

Yes, it was dark, but my flashlight is extremely bright. I walk around the top of the hill behind the house and let the coyotes know it's my area and they are not to be hunting in claimed territory.
Anyway, I was walking up an incline and keeping a look out for mountain lions or anything, at the top of the hill my light caught a pair of eyes that reflected like animal eyes!!! The only problem is, they seemed to be at human height! As these eyes turned and moved away, looking back twice, they were moving at HUMAN level and in a motion that gave the same impression, human-like. I could not make out a silhouette of the body, just the shining eyes.
I walk this area every day or night, my estimation of size and distance is very good in this area.
Matt8536-40, M
Hopefully it's not the rake 馃槰
Not sure where you live, but bear species in North America aren't nocturnal. That's not to say it couldn't have been a bear, but rather that it's highly unlikely.

Where I live, home invasions are becoming a daily thing. A lot of people are getting their doors kicked in the early morning between 3:00 - 4:00 am.
@BizSuitStacy I doubt it's a bear, but I will be armed anyway.
@BizSuitStacy bear hibernate , probably a deer or moose
Big foot is home lol
Bear on its hind legs?
@MsSwan I'm actually more comfortable with that thought.馃槅 I got the impression it was tall, but not large, and the eyes moved away at the same level, never dropping in height. The shine was very bright white, and they weren't round.
I'm taking a gun with me next time, that freaked me out a little.
@UnderLockDown Wow, very scary 馃ズ
Jake96656-60, M
A bear

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