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General Milley Commits Treason

Arrest him and prosecute
Cut off his balls
Make him VP under Biden
Public execution
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General Milley actively worked towards undermining the sitting president. If true what should happen to this POS?
sunsporter1649 · 70-79, M Best Comment
sunsporter1649 · 70-79, M
[@494950,sunsporter1649] Thanks!

JesseInTX · 46-50, M
Well the oath he took says “and I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and those of the Officers appointed above me according to regulations and the Uniformed Code of Military Justice, so help me God”. If he went beyond that at best a court martial, at worst prosecution for treason.
The sitting president? Joe Biden? Well if you're willing to accept an illegally elected president then you should be willing to accept this.
carpediem · 61-69, M
[@998562,SinlessOnslaught] He did it when Trump was president. But it doesn't matter. Treason is treason
[@112526,carpediem] Did what
I am so confused

How actually does one undermine somebody who is not doing anything good?
carpediem · 61-69, M
[@6757,questionWeaver] “Milley went so far as to pledge he would alert his counterpart in the event of a U.S. attack, stressing the rapport they’d established through a backchannel. ‘General Li, you and I have known each other for now five years. If we’re going to attack, I’m going to call you ahead of time. It’s not going to be a surprise,’” the book says. Milley did not relay the conversation to then-President Donald Trump
[@112526,carpediem] i get it ... it is very sad
carpediem · 61-69, M
[@6757,questionWeaver] criminal. He's currently Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
I dunno I feel like he was doing his job. I don't really know why this has to be a partisan thing either. Unless you just hate China or anyone that goes against Trump.
[@112526,carpediem] Bro this is like really foundational stuff about how our (pretty sure you're American) country works. The military does not work for the President. Honestly how do you not know this??
carpediem · 61-69, M
[@19840,MalteseFalconPunch] jeesh... No they work for you. The president knits socks and scarves and is not the Commander in Chief.

[i]Although the office of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is considered very important and highly prestigious, neither the chairman, the vice chairman, nor the Joint Chiefs of Staff as a body has any command authority over combatant forces. The Goldwater–Nichols Act places the operational chain of command from the president to the secretary of defense directly to the commanders of the unified combatant commands[/i]
[@112526,carpediem] No, they don't work for me either.
geoam1 · 51-55, M
Give him a medal
geoam1 · 51-55, M
[@112526,carpediem] 🤪🤪🤪
carpediem · 61-69, M
[@100938,geoam1] that makes perfect sense.
chockaholic2020 · 56-60, M
So by "sitting president" do you mean Joe Biden?

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