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‘Tis the season

The lacewings hatched, so I can finally get rid of the potato plant. I started another group of potatoes in a different pot with new soil.

I found a caterpillar, and it reminds me that hornworms will start showing up soon. It’s the time of the year when I obsessively check leaves multiple times a day to try and catch them before they devastate my plants. 😬 Obsessively check… (“I know you’re there! And when I find you, it’s over!” 👿)

Red beetles, squash bugs, cucumber beetles; they’re all going to start showing up soon.

Other than the insect situation, I have random plants growing that I don’t know the identity of yet. My kitchen-scraps must have had seeds left. Some might be tomatoes, which I’ve never successfully intentionally grown. It’s only worked when I accidentally grew tomatoes. I’m hoping they bear fruit.
The other might be more pumpkins. I don’t know why I planted more. They found the cucumbers I planted, and killed those sprouts off. Bummer. I thought they were far enough apart. (I don’t know how some plants are till after I research why my own aren’t thriving. That’s how I found out cucumbers and pumpkins don’t get along or that sunflowers are actually jerks.) Garden drama.
Matt85 · 36-40, M
It's good that you are learning. Hopefully that will pay off in the end. I pray God blesses your garden.🙏
@Matt85 Thank you.

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