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For the SW gardening people. Wouldn't this greenhouse be wonderful?

Repete61-69, M
That is very pretty but it is not a green house. 馃檭
Sorry I couldn鈥檛 resist. For the past 2 years I鈥檝e been aggravating a lady and her clear plastic greenhouse , I鈥檓 sure glad she鈥檚 also a good friend.
@caccoon would love this its so pretty
@TryingtoLava I'd be on there all the time
YEs. OMG yes!
@WillaKissing I've tried googling it to see how much it costs, but can't find it, so I guess you would have to get it made.
@meggie I would have to assume so, and I could not imagine the price of the glass alone.
I'd want to carve out some living space in there, maybe enough for a chair and table to read at night. And artificial light will be needed (as shown), which is not uncommon in greenhouses
JimboSaturn51-55, M
Beautiful! I supposed it would let in enough light.
@JimboSaturn it would be like a rainbow inside
JimboSaturn51-55, M
@meggie would love to see it from the inside!
@JimboSaturn when the sun is shining, I think it'd be so beautiful
HumanEarth56-60, M
I am hiding this image from my wife. She would want me to redo the greenhouse to this.
AlchemyFox36-40, F
What a dream 馃檧
Starcrossed41-45, F
ninalanyon61-69, T
I'd love it, but not or gardening, just for being in!
MyNameIsHurl41-45, F
this is magical 鉁
Yes, but the colbalt blue and amber glass panels blocks out too much natural light, defeating the purpose of it.
@NativePortlander1970 well you dont have to have those colours or just a little bit of them

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