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Can't help myself

Gotta share my herbs, they aren't ready for harvest yet.
In the back, St Johns Wort, then the Ginger and in front the Turmeric.
I am about to harvest the thyme, basil, sage and rosemary.

Looks awesome! 馃榾 Good job man鈥鈥檝e also grown herbs and my ginger is thriving.
@ShadowWorker How nice! You can transfer it to a bigger pot coz they鈥檙e pretty rugged like that. 馃槆

I love using their leaves in my cooking from time to time.
ShadowWorker61-69, F
@Vivaci yup, that the plan. And divide them for more plants...plus using the root...rhizomes. I've never used the leaves...I'll try them out.
Happy gardening 馃懆鈥嶐煂 馃挏@ShadowWorker
I think I'm jealous! I used to grow garlic chives, regular chives, oregano, and sage when I had a tiny kitchen garden years ago.
ShadowWorker61-69, F
@4meAndyou yup...I've got Chives, Oregano, Lemon balm, catnip, mints too.
Get a sunny window and grow some fresh ..spices! Good for the health and soul.
Hi I use a trug or raised vegetable planter. Gives you space without taking up to much room, but looking good.
ShadowWorker61-69, F
@SW-User growing old ain't for sissies...that's for sure. No pain no gain. Good luck!!
ShadowWorker61-69, F
@markansas awesome idea! Love it!
@ShadowWorker free is good .. also did on my brick patio . loose bricks i just took out two where i wanted the zucchini and when done pull the plants and put the brick back.. first year doing that so will see soon how that works.. lots of zucchini and what i dont eat i give away its good will for those i care about..
[image deleted]
GeniUs56-60, M
I love your bottle carrier as a plant holder (I do that stuff too- the more bizarre the better!)
ShadowWorker61-69, F
@GeniUs thanks!
nice.. i also have a small garden.
ShadowWorker61-69, F
@markansas I have several...lol... my veggies, my herbs and Lilies..and just pretty flowers. It's good for the soul!
@ShadowWorker well its a life you started and cared for.. that is good for the soul.. grin
ShadowWorker61-69, F
@markansas yes indeed!
MyNameIsHurl41-45, F
I'll take some of each
ShadowWorker61-69, F
@MyNameIsHurl giggling...cool! I want to be able to sell my herbs this Spring. I'll have other spourts, seedlings by then. I save my seeds and...馃槑
Trying to make a dream come true.
MyNameIsHurl41-45, F
@ShadowWorker that's awesome 馃槃 I wish you all the success
ShadowWorker61-69, F
@MyNameIsHurl hard work always pays off. Thank you!
assemblingaknob26-30, F
Parcel me
ShadowWorker61-69, F
@assemblingaknob huh... ok.
Really80-89, M
Thanks for reminding me; I want to try growing ginger again. It keeps sprouting in the kitchen.
But - St John's Wort? I rue(!) the day I planted it.... What a thug! It's well on its way to taking over the whole yard.
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ShadowWorker61-69, F
@Stereoguy Thank ya very much! 馃槉
It looks like you have more plants than me. lol
I have a in ground garden area with two types of chives, thyme, sage, rosemary and two types of mint... a few mint plants in containers and basil.
I haven't mastered garlic or ginger yet! lol
@SW-User we have ginger growing for the first time and also wasabi.
ShadowWorker61-69, F
@SW-User wish we could sit down with coffee and talk shop...gardening and plants. Would love it!
@ShadowWorker Same here! This is the kind of stuff I miss on sites! We seem to share the same interests and enthusiasm for it all. :)

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