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My friend and I were joking around rn about how people get put to sleep in street fights lol
@deadgerbil choke away, I鈥檓 thinking I can鈥檛 be in any more pain and big unconscious sounds like heaven right about now
@SophieSmiles you need max strength melatonin
@deadgerbil I need stronger painkillers 馃槴
vetguy199151-55, M
JRVanguard22-25, M
That sentence didn鈥檛 go the way I was expecting 馃憖

But yes
@JRVanguard please do鈥 want sleep so badly
JRVanguard22-25, M
@SophieSmiles I鈥檒l make a blanket burrito out of you
How about I sing you a lullaby instead
@SpaceJesus I鈥檓 not sure that will help with the pain
@SophieSmiles Sure it will. You'll be so horrified by my singing that you won't even notice your ribs
@SpaceJesus in that case sing away
@geoam1 yes I did, I鈥檓 in a lot of pain, fractured ribs so it鈥檚 going to be sore for a while
@geoam1 thank you
Consider done, more than TWO. Rest well.
tacobell26-30, M
Broken ribs confirmed?
@tacobell yea, I鈥檝e bruised the whole right side of my rib cage and fractured 2 ribs 馃槴
I never hit a girl but it is okay if you want to hit me
@StormRider I just want sleep
@SophieSmiles I am pretty boring and can drone on and on if that helps. Maybe read a bedtime story, make you some warm milk
No help from the doctors?
@UnderLockDown no, the painkillers aren鈥檛 even taking the edge off, I鈥檓 going to speak to my Dr in the morning and see if I can get something stronger
JestAJester26-30, M
Which do you prefer? Gas or a boat paddle? Its an ether/oar situation
candycane31-35, F
ChipmunkErnie70-79, M
I know that feeling. And what's so very frustrating is that I'm having trouble getting into reading in bed. At least in the past, if I couldn't sleep I got a lot of reading done.
iamonfire69636-40, F
I am sorry the pain meds aren鈥檛 helping. I hope you get to sleep soon.
@iamonfire696 managed to get an hour or so
iamonfire69636-40, F
@SophieSmiles Oh geez Sophie. I hope you get something better to help with the pain.
@iamonfire696 my GP has given me codeine so just taken some with lunch and going to see if I can get comfortable enough to have an afternoon nap
I think you have done enough damage to yourself
@TheStarsareout ain鈥檛 that the truth
ShenaniganFoodie36-40, M
I have a few Oxycontin 40mg or you can have my

[image deleted]
Chokes you gently to sleep 馃槍
@SW-User that鈥檚 what I needed!!
*slips you my meds* 馃様馃挏
@DrScissorhands just spoken to my Dr who has prescribed something a bit stronger so hoping I manage to get sleep tonight 馃ケ馃槾
@SophieSmiles That's good at least. Should make you drowsy or dull the pain a little. Hope you get some rest soon
@DrScissorhands thanks lovely 馃グ
Thevy2936-40, M

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