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SW User
Probably my cooking. I don’t post in public but it relaxes me being in the kitchen and just baking or cooking something delicious

darkerlongings · 26-30, F
that is so yummy 🥺[@1201561,Kimchigirl]
skmokisses · 46-50, F
[@1201561,Kimchigirl] This looks so tasty! 🤤
[@1201561,Kimchigirl] Mouthwatering 😍
Lacemaker · 41-45, F
My garden
[@398195,Lacemaker] I’m loving it! 👍😇
Lacemaker · 41-45, F
[@372543,Vivaci] Thank you so much 😄
It’s such a happy place to be in...lovely! 🤗[@398195,Lacemaker]
Dawn above a volcano in Hawaii.
[@207746,CereBellum] Wooooahh! 🤩
[@207746,CereBellum] the flare on the lens really takes this one to the next level... WOW😍
Fantastic. Stunning. I am in awe. [@207746,CereBellum]
zerofuks2give · 36-40, M
my happy place
[@359439,zerofuks2give] I can see why, looks stunning
[@359439,zerofuks2give] oh wow.
You can nearly smell the pine and the mountain water
Adogslife · 61-69, M
[@359439,zerofuks2give] that is soothing. nice!
ZenPearl · F
[@1212957,Trippin] 😂
[@1212957,Trippin] Rev being all gangster chill 😎
Trippin · F
[@1203119,Sophiesmiles] 🥰
[@1452,ImRileyTheDog] that face 😍
[@1452,ImRileyTheDog] I love that doggy❤
[@1452,ImRileyTheDog] awww happy doggo🤗
PerfectionOfTheHeart · 41-45, F
[image deleted]
[@436944,PerfectionOfTheHeart] 🥴 Always the best shots!
[@436944,PerfectionOfTheHeart] ooooh... Look at that water😍

Loving the textures in this shot, and the contrast of colours.... Thats a awesomely composed photo😊
That’s a beauty. [@436944,PerfectionOfTheHeart]
darkerlongings · 26-30, F
this is beautiful. butterflies are fairies, prove me wrong. [@472983,CrazyMusicLover]
[@472983,CrazyMusicLover] That butterfly pic is simply gorgeous 🦋
fun4us2b · M
[@472983,CrazyMusicLover] Young Forest!
CookieCrumbs · 41-45, F

Fave summer (prescription) sunglasses 😎 on gold sand
Slade · 51-55, M
[@660851,CookieCrumbs] Is that you in the avatar?
CookieCrumbs · 41-45, F
Not this profile pic. But I have a photo of myself in a similar pose in my albums.
Slade · 51-55, M
[@660851,CookieCrumbs] ok I've seen that one🙂
[@871066,SwampFlower] That's really beautiful scenery.
SwampFlower · 26-30, F
[@472983,CrazyMusicLover] It's Fort Mountain State Park. There's a beautiful lake up top, too! But my pics of that didn't turn out 🤣
BalmyNites · F
[@1203119,Sophiesmiles] [@1212957,Trippin] Ahh, it’s beautiful Dartmoor, just 10 minutes from my house 🤗😘
Trippin · F
[@561899,BalmyNites] 😍🥰😘
BalmyNites · F
SW User
[@573519,Valdaine] beautiful
[@573519,Valdaine] very pretty
[@1201561,Kimchigirl] [@1203119,Sophiesmiles] thank you. I loved the way the bright flowers looked with the tombstones in the background
[@1224119,Calliope] looks like a nice club
Calliope · 18-21, F
[@1203119,Sophiesmiles] it is. It’s all barbie themed in the bathrooms perfect for photoshoots
fun4us2b · M
[@1224119,Calliope] Nice Mood...
MilitantIrishman · 26-30, M
[@1212957,Trippin] that view is right next to my garden 😚
[@1203119,Sophiesmiles] I think it was date night 😅
Trippin · F
[@8731,MilitantIrishman] 😍
MirandaThis · 18-21, F
My sister, me, and my mom 💙❤️💙
MirandaThis · 18-21, F
[@702459,AllelujahHaptism] HUSH!! I’m sorry .. I had a cheap dinner 😔
AllelujahHaptism · 31-35, M
[@335573,AlexaSmilez] dont be sorry, it was my fault overall :/
it wasnt good then? :(
[@335573,AlexaSmilez] great photo 🤣 I love funny family pics
sarabee1995 · 26-30, F
[@516380,SageWanderer] nice
💙🥺 [@516380,SageWanderer]

There are so many pics I love from my cam. This is a more recent one..I call it pie in the sky! 🤭

Beautiful scenery, btw...its like a painting!
JoyfulSilence · 46-50, M
[@372543,Vivaci] I love cheese!
That’s a slice of heaven for ya...[@68716,JoyfulSilence]
JoyfulSilence · 46-50, M

I like it when a slice of heaven shares a photo of a slice of heaven! 😊
EuphoricTurtle · 36-40, M
A fickle surf spot that was as good as it gets that day.
[@17323,EuphoricTurtle] looks like a good spot
[@17323,EuphoricTurtle] wooow!
I couldn't get all the tree in... There were so many cockatoos in this tree... And you can't see half of them 😅
[@377577,Shutterbug] gotta love the sculptural shape of dead trees🤩
Shutterbug · 51-55, M
[@912138,OogieBoogie] true artist seeing the shape and form of nature 😏
[@377577,Shutterbug] I dunno... They do look very cool though. 😊
[@1189039,mondayschild2] My favorite shoes😝
[@1189039,mondayschild2] I can see why 🤣🤣🤣
JohnnyNoir · M
iPhone macro pic from a couple of years ago
CookieCrumbs · 41-45, F
Love it! 🤩
[@1139259,JohnnyNoir] Oooooh... Purdy 🤗🤩
Iamonfire666 · 36-40, F
[@1139259,JohnnyNoir] so pretty
Mugin16 · 41-45, M
Cesis castle, Latvia

fun4us2b · M
[@393432,Mugin16] Wow!
Stereoguy · 56-60, M
[@912138,OogieBoogie] Beautiful, isn't it. 🤗
[@78387,Stereoguy] it's blowing me away.
They say some sunsets set the sky on fire.... And this REALLY captures it.

It's just.... Stunning 🤩
Stereoguy · 56-60, M
[@912138,OogieBoogie] Yes they do. Thank you very much 🤗
Iamonfire666 · 36-40, F

Beach in Tulum, Mexico. Want to go back.
Iamonfire666 · 36-40, F
[@397348,Adogslife] I have a pool for the summer but it’s not the same as seeing the ocean
Adogslife · 61-69, M
[@10165,Iamonfire666] no, it’s really not. but, on the bright side, you at least have your own water feature. 😊
Iamonfire666 · 36-40, F
[@397348,Adogslife] true
GunFinger · 41-45, F
We'll probably go here today. I don't know.
GunFinger · 41-45, F
[@967051,Darksideinthenight2] i'll just drink some seawater for you.🤣
[@352154,GunFinger] well I would rather u take a selfie lol
Stereoguy · 56-60, M
[@352154,GunFinger] That is beautiful 😍
Adogslife · 61-69, M
[@1220692,Jenny1234] the old guy/gal looks like,”Really?”

Viper · M
Here is some Zoodles I made
Viper · M
[@1141547,Lilymoon] They cook down and I've found leftover Zoodles taste about as good as fresh Zoodles (though fresh ones aren't as good as pasta, they're healthier for you).
Lilymoon · F
[@800884,Viper] what is the difference between zoodles and noodles?
Viper · M
[@1141547,Lilymoon] noodles are made from wheat or flour and basically carbs.

Zoodles are zucchini that have been put through a spiralizer to make them shaped like noodles. But it's a veggie and has a lot more water inside it.
jim44444 · 70-79, M
[@113373,TexChik] Looks like snow. Great photo.
Kumbayakid · 61-69, M
[@113373,TexChik] das a lotta cotton gf
GunFinger · 41-45, F
[@113373,TexChik] excellent, Tex! Looks amazing!👌
[@1212957,Trippin] girl I am so impressed by your talents…seriously amazing 😍
Trippin · F
[@1203119,Sophiesmiles] lol...progress from the last one. Gonna get a perfect one for you someday. 😘
Carla · 61-69, F
[image deleted]
Mama pilated woodpecker with her two offspring.
One is behind the tree, you can maybe see his little red head feathers.
[@548295,Carla] that’s so cool 😍
Carla · 61-69, F
[@1203119,Sophiesmiles] they are! Mom and pop have been coming to my feeder for three or four years. This is the first year they have brought the kids🙂
[@8744,MtnManJohn] beautiful
kodiac · M
kodiac · M
[@912138,OogieBoogie] Cool snake?
[@665475,kodiac] ikr!

I near fell over when I saw it 😂
kodiac · M
[@912138,OogieBoogie] Really big snake lol
MyPathOfTotality · 46-50, M
Haley inspecting my work.
Stereoguy · 56-60, M
[@958812,MyPathOfTotality] Did it pass? 🤗
MyPathOfTotality · 46-50, M
[@78387,Stereoguy] she gave it her approval.
Stereoguy · 56-60, M
[@958812,MyPathOfTotality] The paw of approval! You are the man! 👍🙂
sarabee1995 · 26-30, F
Recent slice of key lime pie I had!! 😝

[quote][center][image deleted][/center][/quote]
sarabee1995 · 26-30, F
[@516380,SageWanderer] I've never been to Pittsburgh.
sarabee1995 · 26-30, F
[@78387,Stereoguy] I'll check it out!
SageWanderer · 70-79, M
[@1360,sarabee1995] It’s the closest big city to me for culture, entertainment and fine dining. Visit one day as it’s worth the view once you come out if the Fort Pitt Tunnel.
sarabee1995 · 26-30, F
Saw this boat sail by recently...

TexChik · F
[@1360,sarabee1995] a boat costs that much? wow. Our plane with all the upgrades we just did is worth about that. Of course we wont sell. Its too much fun to fly it
sarabee1995 · 26-30, F
[@78387,Stereoguy] Lol, nah. I'm not greedy. One is good for me.

[@113373,TexChik] That's a big boat. Mine's not in that category. Not even close. But she sailed by so beautifully (as you can see in the pic).

I've crewed on boats like that in past Figawi Races.
Stereoguy · 56-60, M
[@1360,sarabee1995] I fully understand. I promise you I don't have a Prevost either.
Fairydust · F
[image deleted][image deleted]

Spending time with my girls.

Cocktails with my lovely daughters 🍹🍸💞✨
Viper · M
[@1203119,Sophiesmiles] what makes a martini a pornstar martini?
Fairydust · F
[@800884,Viper] copied this from online.

1 1/2 ounces vanilla-flavored vodka
1/2 ounce passion fruit liqueur (such as Passoã or De Kuyper)
1 ounce passion fruit puree
1/2 ounce lime juice, freshly squeezed
1/2 ounce vanilla simple syrup
2 ounces sparkling wine, chilled
Garnish: 1/2 passion fruit
Heavyheart · 31-35, M
[@1042,Fairydust] wish I was part of the family . I really do . You look good in this one as well
PirateMonkeyCabinet · 36-40, M
My profile picture. Had to borrow a lens with greater zoom than mine from a friend. Ought to have been a tad bit clearer but I just wasn't able to fine-adjust the focus enough. I'm still pleased with it.

PirateMonkeyCabinet · 36-40, M
[@912138,OogieBoogie] Thank you! 😊
[@822756,PirateMonkeyCabinet] this is very cool
PirateMonkeyCabinet · 36-40, M
[@472983,CrazyMusicLover] Thank you! ☺️
When I was making a collage outdoor....

Domking · 56-60, M
Domking · 56-60, M
[@1203119,Sophiesmiles] Thank you, it's sunrise on a hazy, cloudy dawn at Digha beach on Bay of Bengal
[@1221722,Domking] stunning composition in this one🤩.
I really love it, you actually feel the slow heat of the day in this 😏

Can I screenshot this, please?
Domking · 56-60, M
[@912138,OogieBoogie] Thank you.
Of course, by all means - please take a screenshot or download.
Wish you a great day
RubySoo · 51-55, F
PirateMonkeyCabinet · 36-40, M
[@329653,RubySoo] Ooh, which castle is that?
fun4us2b · M
[@329653,RubySoo] That is cool!
RubySoo · 51-55, F
[@822756,PirateMonkeyCabinet] its Rhuddlan Castle, North Wales xx
[@755280,darkerlongings] such a peaceful place
SW User
[@755280,darkerlongings] This is so relaxing
[@9520,vetguy1991] ahh peacock 🦚
i love this post, so many great pictures :)

[@690116,beckyann] me too - I love seeing what people choose to share
[@1203119,Sophiesmiles] and not trying to be cute, just hey, this is part of my life
JustNik · 46-50, F

This is a pretty place at night. I’ve always liked the lights.
[@23104,JustNik] it looks really pretty
SW User
This is a photo I took on a film camera when I was in Sri Lanka in 2018:

Kumbayakid · 61-69, M
You want sand? I got sand!
[@345745,Kumbayakid] Geez!

You got this composition thing down pat don't you!?!🤩

You Musta been chuffed to capture that one 😅, man!...

... That gull flying really makes that photo 😊👍
Kumbayakid · 61-69, M
[@912138,OogieBoogie] i think i was chugging actually.

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