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I Am African American

I hate the term “acting black”. Because it signifies that all black people are to act and speak a certain way because of what’s shown on tv. And if they don’t then they’re looked upon as different. The ignorance of it all. I don’t think some people realize that black people are individuals with their own personalities, likes/dislikes, wants, values, goals, etc. just like everyone else.
I hate that black people get to make words racist. White people can’t say the infamous N-word because it’s offensive... yet they would let it fall from their own lips.

I hate that there are more and more black kids disrespecting all of the work that the older generation had to go through to get the ‘African American’ race where it is today.

Unfortunately, that’s life.
@SomeLikeItHot I live in a country where it is illegal to be racism.

I’m actually pretty sure that it’s less likely to hear a racist common where I live, compared to the US.

Every one I speak to from the US who isn’t white, has told me stories about their experiences.

Seems like a not so good place to live.
You are speculating and I see that you keep your country hidden.
Like I stated before you are playing a game.

Why would anyone take you seriously?
@SomeLikeItHot I never asked you to take me seriously.

That’s what’s so fantastic about being me. There’s no desire to have anyone think anything of me.

I’m a free man.
dreamsicle · 46-50, F
Small minded people do that. It’s a reflection of who they are, not the race, ethnic group, culture etc. I’m thankful I’ve had the experience to mingle with people from various backgrounds, nationalities and ethnic groups.
Sicarium · 46-50, M
No one is allowed to be an individual anymore. You are your identity group, nothing more. Welcome to progressive intersectionality.
@Sicarium I hear that. I'm white AF but not white enough for a fair number of white people I know.
Sicarium · 46-50, M
@CopperCicada Either way, according to SJW dogma, you're a racist.
indyjoe · 56-60, M
A lot of racist attitudes today are fueled by in-your-face stirring of the pot. Most people I've know have no problem whatsoever with others of different races, cultures, ethnicities, etc. It's this constantly being told that everything they say or do is racist and being accused of being racist when they at not. This kind of thing is most prevalent here in the U.S. We will never be totally free of actual true racists, they have always been around throughout human history...however this 'racism' that is supposedly so rampant here would die a natural death and all but disappear in time if it were just left alone and the scabs stop being picked all the time.
Livingwell · 61-69, M
“Acting black” or “not black enough” are actually black terms from blacks. I’d be mad too.
You won't receive a fair minded answer here because many whites here aren't fair and broad minded because they lack knowledge about the African American culture.
You won't get an intelligent and interesting discussion from blacks because it's not enough blacks here Similar Worlds.
This thread will sit here for years without enough to blacks respond in to it.
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@IstillmissEP That’s not it. It applies to the Black American sense of speaking ebonics, despising education, being ghetto, supporting gang activity and thuggery, etc. If some black person doesn’t follow those negative stereotypes, they’re viewed by other black people as “acting white”. It’s the nonsense you see in some rap music videos (if you’ve seen them), on movies and tv, social media and life in general.
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If you are different, people would t want to associate with you, I think it's normal

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