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Marvin Gaye, Tammi Terrell, "Ain’t No Mountain High Enough" (1967)

One of several duets where they created [c=7700B2]MAGIC[/c]…
Rutterman · 46-50, M
They were so good together.

Marvin was devastated by Tammi's death in 1970 and reportedly blamed himself for it. It's hard to understand this because she had a brain tumor and that's what caused her death. He obviously couldn't have been responsible for that.
RodionRomanovitch · 56-60, M
@Rutterman It's a heartbreaking story that. Were they ever actually romantically involved ?
@RodionRomanovitch Everything I’ve read says they were very close, but not romantically involved. Tammi [b]was[/b] involved at different times with two men who [b]were[/b] violent with her, James Brown and David Ruffin.

Marvin Gaye was said to have hated that she went back to them during the course of those relationships, even after the violence. It probably reminded him of his mother, whom he tried to help leave his father.
His mother finally divorced the father, after he killed her son.
RodionRomanovitch · 56-60, M
One of the tracks I used when I was 'courting' a certain young woman on ep. It still sends a shiver down my spine. 🙂

Beautiful song , beautiful video by two beautiful people.
Great hit.
Shame she passed away so young
DrWatson · 70-79, M
Absolutely. That song blew me away!
Harmonium1923 · 51-55, M
They were amazing. ❤️
originnone · 56-60, M
Now you're talkin'!
I never did figure out why his dad shot him (?)
@bijouxbroussard Geez, what a terrible family tragedy!
@Grateful4you Yes. Totally senseless. 😞
Jacko1971 · 51-55, M
@bijouxbroussard that was my understanding too.
uncalled4 · 56-60, M
This is what people mean when they say ELECTRIC.

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