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Can one drink too much green tea?

And is it normal to reuse tea bags?
reflectingmonkey · 51-55, M
tea inhibits the absorption of iron and also contains cafeine. unfortunately, green tea has more cafeine than dark tea and genrally speaking the varieties with the most antioxidants are also the ones with the most cafeine. so used in a reasonable way it has many health benefits but we shouldn't go overboard. so its best to not consume it close to eating times in order to properly absorbe iron, and that is especially important for vegetarians because non-heme iron (plant source) is harder to absorb than heme-iron. taking vitamin C-rich foods alongside non-heme iron helps to better absorb it. this is not necessary for heme-iron because its easily absorbed.
keqing · 22-25, F
@reflectingmonkey thats good to know since im anemic. Thank you
reflectingmonkey · 51-55, M
@keqing drinking too much tea can actually cause anemia. (google green tea and anemia) .if you're anemic I strongly suggest you either avoid green tea completely (my personal suggestion) or at least take it only once a day and far from eating hours. the most easily absorbed source of iron is red meat but red meat is associated to certain cancers, especially below the belt cancers, like anal cancer.
keqing · 22-25, F
@reflectingmonkey damn harambe
KiwiDan · 31-35, M
Seems normal to me, but you can drink too much green tea; you'll know when it happens because you'll be sick lol.
Nitedoc · 51-55, M
You can drink too much of anything. Drinking too much water can kill you. Everything in your body is a balance.

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