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Will there ever be a band bigger than The Beatles?

I personally don't think it can happen. Sure there may be artists that end up selling more records or downloads. But no band will ever have the influence that The Beatles had and still have. No bad will be able to match their innovation.
One Direction.馃槅馃ぃ
@AllyGator I was kidding.馃榿馃ぃ
@GunFinger I know. But they are kinda cute.
@GunFinger I was going to say the same thing 馃榿
I guess I鈥檒l go with Duran Duran, with The Monkees a close second
Maybe not... If there will be, it will be a long, looooooooong time before that happens.

Also may I add, someone may sell more records and downloads but is that because they're better, or because they just didn't release multiple albums per year like the Beatles did? 馃槅

Such an amazing band... and Ringo is underrated.
ronisme161-69, M
@SinlessOnslaught ringo was good but yes, i think he was better than ringo
@ronisme1 Show me
Jimmy201661-69, M
@ronisme1 I think Zak is better than Keith.........jmo
AlwaySmilez22-25, F
There have been!..look up insane clown posse!
@AlwaySmilez Thanks for the laugh. I think Hanson was bigger than those clowns.
What always makes the Beatles stand out for me is how quickly they evolved. They went from a fairly bubble gum sound with songs like Love Me Do to much deeper music like You've Got to Hide Your Love Away and Eleanor Rigby in just a few short years. And they kept growing and evolving. I think that's what really made them special.
samueltyler280-89, M
There are so many other bands which represented a major change to n popular music. For rock and roll, how about Bill Haley and the Comets?
@samueltyler2 Haley was a one trick pony in the U.S. The Beatles revolutionized popular music across the globe.
samueltyler280-89, M
@AllyGator we will have to agree to disagree, Halley was the start of rock and roll. Louis Armstrong and his band, popularized jazz. I think we should develop a list of those bands who changed popular music in their times.
helenS36-40, F
The Beatles are a perfect example of synergy, where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. As individual musicians they were at best mediocre (apart, perhaps, from McCartney).

Compare, for example, with Miles Davis, who almost single-handedly revolutionized music at least three times.
helenS36-40, F
@Torsten Lennon as a solo artist was almost irrelevant, apart from his ideological messages.
Torsten36-40, M
@helenS he really wasnt haha. Harrison's solo career was better than anything the others did in my opinion. I get that Lennon gets the most attention but never really been a fan of his since I heard all that stuff about him ditching his first born son. I know that has nothing to do with how well his solo career was but the guy was a straight up deadbeat
ronisme161-69, M
@Torsten i disagree, they were better as a group
Thomas5270-79, M
They appealed beyond the narrow 'music scene' to a family audience and hence they were a cultural force in many different ways and everyone knew who they were. I remember being taken to the cinema when I was about 10 by my 'ancient' grandmother (she would have been in her late 50s!) to see [i]A Hard Day's Night[/i]. We had to queue to get in. Then there is the longevity of their influence as a group and as individuals. I would suggest, never rivaled.
Come on now
Milli Vanilli was revolutionary and trend setting! 馃槣
@20Twenty Actually, in a way you are right. There had been manufactured bands in the past (The Monkees) but even they learned to play their instruments and actually write songs. Milli Vanilli ushered in the era of style over substance ... where a performer's looks and attitude , rather than musical ability, were what was most important.
@AllyGator I was kidding but yeah
They ushered in lip syncing being the norm

I agree with your opinion on the Beatles, btw
Pretzel61-69, M
they were at the right place at the right time with the right product

ford did it with cars

microsoft did it with their operating system

the beatles did it with music

there'll have to be a transition to a new style of music for another beatles group to come to be.

I love their harmonies, the intricate melodies - they were unlike anything in the popular system of the time.

and they did it in less than 10 years and poof - they were gone as a group
caesar761-69, M
No....I doubt it. The Beatles started something very radical and it was a very different time. Everything in rock music has been discovered. Unless someone or some band starts something that we have absolutely never heard before, then, it won't happen...certainly not in contemporary music.
helenS36-40, F
@caesar7 I doubt there was anything new in "pop" music since ca. 1980.
caesar761-69, M
@helenS .....I think the period of the 60's was best in newly discovered styles in modern music. Bands then developed their own sound and creativity on the 70's but the Beatles were the first to make that huge impact that we know today. Funny how we define complexity when it comes to music....before modern music, the enlightened years were way ahead of the game. How Gregorian and instrumental folk evolved to "classical" music is so awe aspiring also. Bach would have been the Beatles of that time. Man, I know what I am talking about as I am a music graduate and got to be blown away by how the creative mind was thinking in those days to create something so out of this world. Orchestration is another thing that adds to this. Truly blown away. Nothing will ever compare to it. Nothing.
gdon3941-45, M
Disagree. In my opinion, the Beatles are amazing and so responsible for helping to open the door that Elvis kicked open but the Beatles are given far too much credit for influencing rock and roll.

An eight-year career and I think four years of touring make them the greatest band to help open the doors for rock and roll and create hysteria over the new sound and perhaps they that's what the greatest thing about them should be recalled.

Lennon and Harrison were masters of their crafts. Paul is very accomplished and Ringo is still rocking.

Bigger band than the Beatles? Are we talking about the Beatles being relevant throughout the last 65 years?

Yes there are, have been, and possibly will be (definitely are) better bands than the Beatles but they are special.

The Rolling Stones get my vote. I love John Lennon and so many more and the Beatles too.

No the Beatles are legends
ronisme161-69, M
No, if you study their music, it is hard to play as they mixed up chords and melodies that were unheard of in the music industry. I have tried to play some of their music and have failed. The use of sharps and flats with the mixing of speeds is unreal.
Benjago41-45, M
Easily...there are already tons of bands out there that are bigger. The Beatles aren't even any bigger than The Wiggles at four members each.
LadyBronte56-60, F
I think the chance of everything aligning at once for that to happen again is one is about a triple gazzilion.
OverTheHill56-60, M
Who knows? But they will definitely carry on musically, just as Mozart, Beethoven, or Bach have.

Rock on!
I've never really listened to the Beetles tbh. I grew up on Bone Thugs

Notanymore36-40, M
George strait has more #1 songs. Black Sabbath was more innovative to change and creating an entire sound. Many bands have bigger following and more devoted fans....
Notanymore36-40, M
@AllyGator but true
@Notanymore George Strait's number 1s were on the Country charts, not the Billboard Hot 100 ... Country is a much smaller market than the Pop charts.

There is no fucking way Sabbath was more innovative. I like Sabbath and they basically invented the heavy metal genre. but that's all they did. They turned out basically the same music over and over and over and over again.

The Beatles experimented with all kinds of different music genres and even invented several. They changed the face of popular music on many fronts.
Notanymore36-40, M
@AllyGator the Beatles were perfect for their time and a great blend of what was popular in their time.....but I don't see them as genre creators, possibly movers. In my opinion, without wouldn't be much different today. Without Sabbath, music today wouldn't be the well as some others
smiler201256-60, M
{@allygator] i agree with all you say it would be have to be something really special and out of this world too even match the fab four
AdaXI41-45, T
What about the Bee Gees?
Yeah you forgot about those sexy f%kers didn't ya and there contributions?
Torsten36-40, M
probably not. Musicians arnt normally glamorized like they used to be
Paladin56-60, M
Possibly, but not in their style of music.
CopperFox42036-40, F
I don鈥檛 like the Beatles
@CopperFox420 But you can still thank them for the music you listen to. Unless all you listen to is classical, blues and jazz.
CopperFox42036-40, F
@AllyGator I only listen to drums 馃槅
The Stones and they are still going.
basilfawlty8931-35, M
In sheer popularity, no.
In terms of changing the music scene, there were.
Venom, Black Sabbath and Jimi Hendrix changed the sound of thousands of bands who followed, including big names like Metallica, Slayer, Type O Negative, etc.
uncalled451-55, M

To be fair, part of that was the TIME in which they appeared--when physical music was still sold, when not every band wrote their own stuff, etc. Right band, right place, right time.
Stereoguy56-60, M
I completely agree with you.

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