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What do you think of people who react to every single thing going on in a movie? Series?

Like those that go *characters greet* and they go "oh look they're saying hi!" *Actors run* "woah, they're running!" *Dramatic music's* "Oh Ah Awe" *sad music* "ahhhhh" *characters eat* "hey, they're having lunch!"

And then also paraphrase every line by them
cherokeepatti · 61-69, F
They ruin the movie for me is what they do.
4meAndyou · F
I don't know anyone that dumb. BUT I hang out with someone who is almost deaf at times, and if we watch a movie together he keeps asking me, "What did he just say?" And by the time I explain everything to him we've missed about 10 minutes of the movie.
Andromedanian · 22-25, M
@4meAndyou hahaha, that's gotta be frustrating too. As you can imagine I do know a few peeps that act like that during movies, haha

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