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I just had a fucked up nightmare that woke me up at 4:43 am, and it would turn into the best horror movie

but the thing is, I hate horror movies and would never watch this 馃槀

Basically it's a mix between The thing and The invasion. These are not really horror movies, they're more creepy action oriented movies with a good story which I do like, like Aliens, but either way.

So it starts with a guy that lives a normal life with his family, until one night a weirdly kind stranger breaks into his house. He has a calming aura, really being sincere and making you want to feel calm, even though your instincts are telling you that you have to fear for your life. He lets himself be lulled into it and the stranger procures a white pill that makes the man feel very nice and calm while the stranger chops him up into pieces. 馃あ

It then cuts to another man, now the audience knows about the alien threat so the main character acts in turn much more sceptically with more knowledge of the calmness that the stranger brings while invading his home. While being more alert, he notices a spider-human-like monster emerging from the shadows which upsets him literally very slightly, still somewhat woozy off the calmnes the stranger brings, but certainly less calm than before. The main character tells the more human-like invader that he'll just go with them if he can have one of the pills first, but for some reason the stranger hesitates.

Now is where it turns into a bit of a comedy... The main character starts arguing with the invader over how the white pill costs 15 bucks and it turns out that the aliens are cheap af. The man then picks up a wooden broom and fends off the spider that's insistent to get started as soon as possible, leaping at him. The man tries to quickly build a report with the stranger, telling him they're like best budies and he can trus him to get not only 15 bucks, but 150! The stranger is amazed and tells the spider off, but the spider doesn't stop, and that's where I'll stop because after this it turned into traumatizing shit 馃
This is some weird shit, even on par with some of mine, yet you explain them so well; unlike me. 馃ぃ
Dreams are so fucking weird. The last one I had that I felt could have made a good movie or miniseries also involved aliens, but more in a sci-fi type situation, light on the horror. Basically, aliens had physically relocated Earth to another part of the galaxy in order to imprison the entire human species. We were allowed to go about our normal lives, but it was clear we were in an open-air prison. The thing I remember the most, 30 plus years later, was the sky. There was no sun, just a huge nebula surrounded by bright stars.
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@LordShadowfire the aliens got fed up with our space exploration and loitering and sent us to our room.

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