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Do you ever get nostalgic over the commercials during Saturday morning cartoons?

Or the cartoons that they air before school time?

I dunno if they still even advertise to kids these days,

But I just had this weird memory of ad breaks in the shows I used to love,

And felt nostalgic.

It's weird to feel nostalgic about freaking ads 馃槀
Side effects of a grey hair
Elessar26-30, M

Yes I've had a troubled childhood 馃槄
Elessar26-30, M
@CrazyMusicLover Not that I can remember of 馃槅

(btw we call it "mais" too lol, where does even "corn" come from?)
@Elessar I can't find it in French as well. 馃槶 And I was so looking forward to hear it. 馃槀
basilfawlty8931-35, M
@Elessar From Middle English corn, from Old English corn, from Proto-West Germanic *korn, from Proto-Germanic *kurn膮, from Proto-Indo-European *堑r胎h鈧俷贸m (鈥済rain; worn-down鈥), from *堑erh鈧- (鈥済row old, mature鈥).
I have never waxed nostalgic about commercials.
Do you mean Teleshopping? 馃く馃槺馃槄 Kosmodisk? Or those two joint curling strips to make hairstyle with that I totally forgot the name of?

..omg, I almost forgot about it. 馃槅

Also someone playing basic games like Tetris or Arkanoid on TV? Omg, I loved that. 馃槀
Found it, lol..it was such a hype around 2000.

Queendragonfly31-35, F
Best ad ever is the car commercial when he sings zombie--eeh-eeh--ooh
Saturday Mornjng cartoons don't exist anymore in the US. The FCC made some asinine ruling in the early 2000's about networks being required to show "educational content" which just turned into these stupid and poorly produced shows about reacuing kittens and training puppies andand other dumb shit like that

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