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Have you ever thought about being put under anesthesia, yet being awake?

Apparently it happens to about 30,000 people each year, it's called anesthesia awareness.

This is according to the horror movie I'm about to watch.

Sounds scary already.

Heartlander80-89, M
I thing I've been through that a few times. interesting experience.

A few times with eye surgery where I could hear and understand all the conversation of the doctors and staff, yet just a glow in the eye they were working on. I kept telling myself that I hope that I wouldn't blink or roll my eye, yet thinking I was probably unable to do so if I tried. One operation took a few hours and the surgeon was instructing another doctor on how to do it. The conversation was enlightening and interesting.

Also a half dozen colonoscopies where I went in and out of awareness during the procedure. A few time was able to see the TV screen and what they were doing. Also once for an angiogram and another time a septoplasty procedure.

Thanks for asking ... gave me an opportunity to count them off. Hope I didn't miss any :)
WatchThis41-45, M
I think I read that in most cases, they don鈥檛 feel pain, just remember glimpses of the procedure. In the event they do feel pain, the patient will begin to sweat. Can鈥檛 remember if the heart rate escalates or not 馃
iamnikki31-35, F
@WatchThis I saw a story where he felt everything
WatchThis41-45, M
@iamnikki that makes me wonder if I ever want surgery or not鈥
assemblingaknob26-30, F
Considering the hundreds of thousands that go under every year, 30k is a small number.

Some people are prone to the phenomenon.

Some surgeries have statistically higher chance of awareness occuring during them.

Some cases have awareness reported because it was life saving for the time being, as anaesthetic drugs can dramatically dampen vitals
Heartlander80-89, M
@assemblingaknob Now that you mention it, having you aware is part of the process.

During one of my eye operations they had me look left and right, up and down. I was surprised that I could. It was a graft from one place to another and required stiches to sew the pieces in place and hold them there until the grafts took. so a final check to make sure tiny sutures were smoothly sliding under and out from my eyelids.
PinkRangerCassie26-30, F
Very scary thought
Jenny123451-55, F
I was worried about that. I鈥檇 heard about it a few weeks before I was scheduled to have surgery in 2021. But it didn鈥檛 happen to me
I cannot fathom how horrible it would be!!
I have a theory about this and i think they lied to the angithesioligist about their weight .. they should weigh the people and not take their word for it
Bartleby51-55, M
A friend of mine woke up very briefly during knee surgery. It was very quick (they had him back under in a second) but also very terrifying.
mooncrest0231-35, F
Never and Im glad that didnt happen both times i was under馃槦
Bri8931-35, M
Depending on what they are doing, I'd rather stay asleep.
The pain killers not working so you feel everything, but the muscle relaxers being effective so you can't scream or even twitch while people cut your body open... That has to be one of the most traumatizing events a person can endure.
Heartlander80-89, M
@NerdyPotato That has to be up there with a stress test, which amounts to a chemically induced night mare. You go through the panic of being scared to death but for no reason.
馃くNew Fear Unlocked 馃敁
Nebula41-45, F
Films aren鈥檛 always true.
iamnikki31-35, F
@RedBaron I was bringing awareness to the phenomenon, not to argue that the movies info is true or false
losthorizons51-55, M
What鈥檚 the movie??
iamnikki31-35, F
@losthorizons Awake, 2007. A man has a heart surgery and while he is on the operating table, he finds out they are planning to ki11 him. Free on Tubi or Freevee

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