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Everything Everywhere All At Once discussion. [SPOILERS, Ofc]

This movie has taught to love and that killing people with kindness is the best remedy. It also teaches you to focus on family before you fall apart from them. If you don't focus on them, let alone neglect them, you'll end up being in deep regret. Spending time with your family can help strengthen that bond.

This is a breakdown of the movie, because I know that this movie will be confusing to some or most, since Marvel has a fascination with the Multiverse. And Marvel has put a LOT in.

Jamie Lee Curtis is in here too.

This movie starts off with a Chinese woman, Evelyn, who immigrated to the US. Her dad was ill, so he came to the US so his daughter could take care of him. Evelyn also has a husband and a daughter, Joy.
They all live in a laundromat, running it. Joy is a lesbian and has a girlfriend. Evelyn, being an Asian mother, kind of didn't like Joy being a lesbian, I don't she cared if her daughter likes the same gender.
She is also on the verge of a divorce.
Since this is a Marvel movie, Marvel will put The Multiverse in nearly every movie they have.

Evelyn is met with her husband from the Alphaverse. How? Let me explain.
The Alphaverse was the only Universe where a small group of people came together to find the wonders of the universe. Evelyn and her husband were in the Alphaverse, though they weren't married in that Universe. Alpha-Evelyn (Evelyn from the Alphaverse) discovered The Multiverse and found a way to jump to the other Universes.
How this works, is basically like The Matrix, except everything is not computer-generated or technology-made.
This is how Alpha-Evelyn found a way to jump Universes:
Jusf like The Matrix, you're hooked up to a computer or computers/gps with tubes connecting to your head from the computers/gps. The group from the Alphaverse tells you to do a command where you'll be able to create a tunnel/link/pathway to another Universe, but you have to exist in that Universe in order for it to work; just like how the Scarlett Witch was shadowwalking (or whatever she called it), in Doctor Strange's sequel.
In order to stay connected with the Alphaverse, you'll have to wear an earpiece (which looks like a bluetooth earphone for Android phones).

Basically, you're possessing your own body in another Universe. You can tap in and out of the Universe as well. Nothing will happen to the You whom you possessed in the Universe you had travelled to. Also, this means that you're two places at once, if you're possessing yourself in another Universe. You can tap back quickly to either or.
In order to severe the link/pathway/tunnel, you'll have to make yourself forget your life in that other Universe, or just shut your mind away from it.

Just like The Matrix, you can do a command, send a pathway, link, tunnel, or whatever, and you'll be tapped into a You that is in a Universe of your choice. When you do that, you'll be able to learn their (your) abilities that you can do in that Universe.
If you have watched The Matrix, remember how they can learn how to fight while being hooked up to a machine? That's kind of similar to Everything Everywhere All At Once.

Back to the movie, Evelyn's husband from the Alphaverse tapped into her husband in that Universe (or you could say Our Universe) to warn her of something dangerous going to happen and that somebody really powerful is looking for her to kill her.
Further explanation, this woman (forgot what they had called her) was in the Alphaverse and they (the group from the Alphaverse) was trying to "recruit" someone, but they had pushed her brain to its limit where she now see herself in every universe that she exists in.
Basically she's like a god who can literally travel through universes that she exists in, without being hooked up to a machine. She can even "feel" or concentrate on which universe she wants to go to.
[Keep in mind, every universe is entirely different from the current one we live in. In a universe, I could be working as a biotech engineer, a felon, dead, famous, etc. Heck, different lives].
The Alpha-husband also told Evelyn that he has been looking for her in many other universes, but none of them quite worked out. According to him, at least 1,000 Evelyns that he was trying to make work, died.
The reason for him searching for Evelyn was to kill the woman who can travel universes without being hooked to a machine. He thought that she was the one and he was sure of it.

He taught Evelyn how to do a command (example, eating glass, doing a cartwheel, other random shit) so she could learn how to fight the travel woman.
It failed a bit.

The plot twist of this whole movie, is that the woman whom Alpha-husband was talking about, the travel woman, is Joy, Evelyn's daughter.

Since I am not going describe everything word-from-word, I'll just describe major events.

Evelyn, wearing that earpiece, was able to do commands and learn many different things from her lives in the universes she had casted a pathway to.
She had got an idea that could potentially kill her. She was going to do a butt-load of commands, send out several links/pathways/tunnels to the universes she exists in. She thought that if she learns so many things from her lives in those universes, she'll be able to become just as powerful as Joy.

During Evelyn's short trips to those universes, she got to see many of her different lives.
The first universe she sent a pathway to, it was her staying in China, throwing her husband's love out the window.

A little backstory on how Evelyn became an immigrant:
Her husband (wasn't her husband then, more like her boyfriend. This was before they got married) and her fell in love. Her parents didn't like it. They told her to choose to stay in China with them or to leave with him and never come back. In our universe and in another universe, shs chose him. In others, she either rejected his love or they never even met.

Back to Evenlyn's first pathway:
The universe she sent a pathway to, it was when she decided to stay with her parents instead of going to the US with him. In that universe, she was trained to do Kung Fu. She became an actress in famous Kung Fu movies.
Further into the universe, she spots her would-be husband. She approached him, surprised that he was in China, thinking that he should be in North America.
After tapping back to our universe, she told her husband (not Alpha) that she saw a life without him and she loved it.

Cutting the movie short, Evelyn traveled to some of the universes she's in. She was a professional chef, in a universe where everyone has sausges for fingers (let me tell you. It was hilarious and disturbing at the same time), she even travelled to a universe that was very similar to ours.

The reason why Joy was trying to find her mother, was because she was trying to show her mother what she sees. After being in so many different universes, her mother, Evelyn was just your typical Asian mother who will give you emotional damage. This effected Joy so much. Not only did her mother play part, but she grew tired of living her lives in all those universes, where she literally put everything on a bagel. All her feelings. She was just depressed. It took a toll on her and she became so sick of everything that she forgets how to show genuine emotion.

I can relate to this. I have been diagnosed with depression and I think my depression has been here since my childhood. I don't know how to appropriately react to things. That's because I had grown tired of most things. This makes me seem like I'm aloof, but trust me, I'm listening and I'll show you that I'm interested in whatever you have to say or what you want to show me. Not expression-wise, more of like action-wise.

Back to the movie:
Joy put everything on a bagel, which turned black. She was going to use that bagel to kill herself after she showed her mom what she wanted her to see.

After Evelyn and Joy saw eye-to-eye, Joy told her mother that now she doesn't have to die alone in the bagel.
Before Joy and Evelyn walks into the bagel, Evelyn was hearing her Alpha-husband in our universe, talking to someone (not cheating or anyrhing), was trying to tell the group from the Alphaverse to stop trying to kill Evelyn because it was meaningless to do so.

After all the universes Evelyn has travelled to, she learned in the universe where she's famous that she actually regrets not having her husband in her life and that she regrets not having a baby with him. She realized then that family is important. She had to experience that in order to understand or get the memo.
She saw how miserable Joy was and how Joy needed love.

When Evelyn and Joy got into a martial arts fight, Joy was addressing her mother by name, which Evelyn snapped and told her not to call her 'Evelyn' and that she's her mother. That translates, "Respect me you peice of shit! I'm your mother!"

Everything fell into place when a third universe was created, the same as ours and the one similar to it. It was like time was repeating. This time, Evelyn and Joy stayed in that universe. In that universe, Evelyn and her husband was on the verge of a divorce, but since Evelyn doesn't want that, she made sure that her husband knows she loves him, by kissing him on the lips. That saves the marriage. Evelyn started showing more support towards Joy.

About Evelyn and her husband being on the verge of a divorce, her husband's brother didn't find Evelyn suitable for him, so sent them divorce papers by mail, with their printed names. All it needs are their signatures.

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