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That does it!!!! I am seriously getting sick of Jenna Ortega!!!!

Look no hate on her and she’s talented, but every time you go online, she pops up! She is EVERYWHERE!!!! She needs to give other actors a chance!! She’s like the “IT GIRL” right now. I think it’s slowly dying down and frankly I’m glad. That’s why I don’t go online much because I am so sick of seeing her!!!! Ugh!!!!!! Just like when other actors were popular, like Millie Bobby Brown for example. I was watching Saturday Night Live with my grandparents over the weekend and when Jenna Ortega popped up, I just lost interest. I watched it for a bit, but I couldn’t watch it anymore so I left the room. The clip she played the girl being possessed by a demon! She must love acting in creepy shot! ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!! Just stop!!!!!!!! Ugh!!!! A lot of people like her! I’m starting to hate her a lot more! 🤬😤😤🤬
originnone · 56-60, M
Doesn't she make taco shells?
originnone · 56-60, M
@TallBigUglyGirl Yeah, I still remember when the Beatles were together....
TallBigUglyGirl · 18-21, F
@originnone that’s so cool
Iammona · F
@originnone she’s the Wednesdays Addams
You just said on your other post that she was good in Scream.
TallBigUglyGirl · 18-21, F
@MsSwann When? I never said anything about no damn scream. She is everywhere and I can’t take it anymore!!

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