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Are you a Sith, Jedi, or Sensible?

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Which Star Wars cult are you a part of?
馃槺 I don't know my Star Wars. 馃槪
RoboChloe26-30, F
@SapphicHeart That's okay. Better stuff exists. It's good fun though. :)
RoboChloe26-30, F
@ThatOneMan A good guy cult is still a cult.
Guess I will follow Princess Leia. 馃槄
PaleandPolluted36-40, F
Princess Leia :p don鈥檛 know what that is.
Silentangel26-30, F
I don't know now because I love new baddy! Especially since their shirtless telepathic call 馃槀 馃槏
I wanna be cool and say Sith but I鈥檓 a Jedi bruh.
Reject26-30, M
Sith, I have too much hatred in my heart to be a Jedi.
May the fourth be with you
Sith, Sith all the way
Straylight31-35, F
Grey Knight.
RoboChloe26-30, F
@Straylight You know what's up. Good choice.
Coolkid7731-35, M
May the 4th be with you!!!
PaleandPolluted36-40, F
@Coolkid77 tomorrow is revenge of the 5th
Coolkid7731-35, M
@PaleandPolluted You mean Cinco De Mayo?
Elessar26-30, M
Probably the first stormtrooper to die in ANH, lol
Sith is way more fun.

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