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If your name is philip, i'm mad at you 馃憖馃槧 [I Am Adorable]

Every time i write it Philip, it's supposed to be Phillip. Every time I write it Phillip, it's supposed to be Philip. And i don't notice the difference reading it back through but ooooooh someone called philllllllllllllllllip will notice and point it out 馃槧 no i didn't spell your name wrong, your name itself is wrong get a better one 馃槧馃槄
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ScarletMoonEmpire36-40, F
adorbz22-25, F
[@659125,ScarletMoonEmpire] i totally also always spell this wrong, i think i'm just cursed
ScarletMoonEmpire36-40, F
[@1027452,adorbz] 馃槄
And there's also Philipp too. 馃槅
adorbz22-25, F
[@472983,CrazyMusicLover] I will destroy him. 馃槨
ScarletMoonEmpire36-40, F
[@1027452,adorbz] [c=359E00]and Pphilip![/c]
adorbz22-25, F
[@659125,ScarletMoonEmpire] that's just weird, Pphilip cn pass 馃槅 unless he has a buddy called Pphillip 馃槨
adorbz22-25, F
[@406205,InOtterWords] exactly
CountScrofula36-40, M
They have to be stopped before they hurt anyone else.
Sirfurryanimal61-69, M
Call them Phil.....i have a friend called Phil in your neck of the woods
adorbz22-25, F
[@356742,Sirfurryanimal] maybe he's the annoying one i met today 馃憖
Menas22-25, M
Philips is the name of the brand of my beard trimmer
adorbz22-25, F
[@236612,Menas] burn it 馃槨
Nanori26-30, F
My real name would be your nightmare, you'll never learn how to pronounce it 馃槀
Nanori26-30, F
[@8731,MilitantIrishman] it'll be sweet and gentle

MilitantIrishman26-30, M
[@934648,Nanori] yeah you need me alive.

There's no way you'll ever be able to accuse me of being sweet or gentle to you 馃槒馃槒
Nanori26-30, F
[@8731,MilitantIrishman] I'm so tired rn I can't fight u, defeat urself for me ty
Poor Filip馃槄
adorbz22-25, F
[@435994,MightyAphrodite] filip i don't mind. I don't think you ever get it as fillip 馃ズ
Thevy2936-40, M
I know what you mean. I hate writing the word School because I can never get the o's in the write order...
geoam151-55, M
Yeah what's up with that 馃挬. Two ways to spell the same name.
Fucking Philip! 馃が

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