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Joe Biden is literally older than Israel 馃嚠馃嚤

Biden born : 1942
Israel state founded : 1948
Trump is, too (born 1946)
What鈥檚 your point ?
@Moon3624 That was my question. I didn鈥檛 understand your point.
Moon362418-21, F
No problem I鈥檒l explain my point.

You cannot have a culture and a history on a land you have been in for mere decades.
That is my point.
Israel has no history, only a criminal record.
North African Jew
Polish Jews
Ukrainian Jew
German Jew
New Yorker Jew
Iranian Jew
Iraqi Jew
They look nothing alike
Their dna is varied and dna tests is restricted in Israel
And if Hebrew wasn鈥檛 revived not long ago they would be speaking different languages and unable to communicate with one another
Their ancestors graves are not in that land (except for Palestinian Jews )
Their religious holidays is not culture

I wonder what they are taught in history classes
鈥淎t X time this happened but we weren鈥檛 the ones here when it happened 鈥 lol

You see this vagueness and mixtures of different cultures when you look up Israeli traditional clothes or Israeli traditional food
It鈥檚 literally mixture of different cultural elements from around the world
Or something religious related

And there is literally racism among them depending on the original place this Jew came from

@Moon3624 In my community there鈥檚 a saying, "you鈥檙e preaching to the choir" (if you鈥檒l forgive the Christian reference). I do know about what you鈥檝e posted, including the treatment of the Ethiopian Jews. I even remember back in 1981 when protests by the Jewish Defense League in the U.S. 鈥榚ncouraged鈥 Israel to give sanctuary to Jews from that region during the great Famine there and apply the Law of Return equitably.

I just didn鈥檛 get the connection between that and the initial comment about Joe Biden. While not everyone who voted for Biden supports Palestine, pretty much [b]everyone[/b] who supports Palestine voted for Biden over Trump.
Yeah, I know, you don鈥檛 care about our presidents. Just an FYI.
Actually, Israel predates Palestine land wise by a millennium. The Jewish people were displaced in the 6th century BCE and the land was settled by the Arab population in the 7th century. It was reestablished as a state in 1948.

So, by all accounts, Biden is, in fact, younger than Israel.
@Moon3624. I do not support either group of people or the events taking place.
Moon362418-21, F
So you do not support the liberation of Palestinians from illegal occupation (said so by UN) and apartheid (said so by UN amnesty and Harvard organizations) etc
Because the nuclear colonial regime that is doing it might get their feelings hurt ?
You equating the two sides is mind blowing .

You know what鈥檚 crazy you support a regime that gives a New Yorker who has no actual attachment to the land
The right to go reside and live in that land
But a Palestinian whose all ancestors lived there and literally has a document or a house key cannot return to the house Israel has stolen from him
Even with an American passport
@Moon3624 I鈥檓 sorry you have interpreted my words that way. I鈥檓 finished speaking with you now. Have a good evening.
cerealguy26-30, M
You will make fake countries and arm them if you're an empire like NATO.
Nanoose61-69, M
So is Donald Trump. Cheers!
This message was deleted by its author.
Moon362418-21, F
@Raaii is that your excuse to justify displacement of people and land theft?
And decades later they occupied West Bank and Jerusalem starting an apartheid and imposed blockade on Gaza controlling it all
Raaii18-21, F
@Moon3624 I think you just totally misunderstood
Moon362418-21, F
@Raaii thank you for explaining to me

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