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I Am Insane

Do u ever felt that you have a lot inside you but nothing comes out.
People judges you and shuns you down. Then they make u so tiny and manipulate to believe the world as they had made it.
But I feel something is off with this world like, a big mirage and people don't care for what's inside you. They always go for what's outside. Everyone wants temporary life. Noone works for permanent life.
I am sounding very insane.
I get that a lot. I am very weird according to many . My family, friends etc.
So alone and sad..That I am down by this world. I feel way out of this present world and people.
But feelings. Feelings are real...I also feel desperate to find someone like me. I am losing it.
KimmyGary · F
I hope you find someone 🙁
ScottyTaco · 31-35, M
To be honest you sound more sane than most people... I believe it's part of our education systems to make people very narrow minded, and unable to think into the future. Most people only know how to think about the here, and now. I wonder how come people like us weren't influenced by the thought control of "education"?
xSharp · 31-35, M
@ScottyTaco: i have done nothing but give my impressions on what i have experienced and if i am not the only one to see these injustices then clearly i am not imagining them.
ScottyTaco · 31-35, M
No you are not. I've noticed many injustices too.
xSharp · 31-35, M
@ScottyTaco: this is going in the direction of fight club, i can just feel it lol
maxlaff · 56-60, M
no your not losing it
its the way the modern world is
what you are experiancing is ...being human
ScottyTaco · 31-35, M
Yes, I don't belive he's loosing it either. He probably IS HUMAN, the bad thing is most people are biological robots in my opinion.
maxlaff · 56-60, M
@ScottyTaco: yep its all part of the hidden agenda these days
xSharp · 31-35, M
you made perfect sense to me, dont let others tell you what is normal.
ScottyTaco · 31-35, M
Noone has the intelligence to think about the future. People only think about themselves, and instantly assume you, and judge you, and put you down for no reason?
ScottyTaco · 31-35, M
That's almost exactly how I feel.
leowander · M
You have a deep thought life. Thanks for sharing.
jaymic64 · M
I feel it also. You’re definitely not alone

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