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The richest 1% took just short of two thirds of all the net income since 2020 (2022)

- 81 billionaires today own 50% of all the world's money (2022)
- The top 1% of the top 1% of the U.S.A. own 25% of the world's money (2017)
- For every one single dollar $ the bottom 90% makes, the top 1% makes $1,700,000

How might this INSANE imbalance taken place?

Picture in 1973, a law was passed that allowed companies to stop paying workers what they're worth and instead pay them based on a "wage" and not based on productivity. And then picture the constant pushback and denial of workers having unions and a voice and organization to voice their worth, negotiate, and bargain prices.

This gap has only been getting wider with the roch literally paying you half of what you're worth :)
It's not that the quality of living in the west is hard, you're being robbed by your own citizens. Your bosses and rich people. All of them. The politicians and government support this.

So, what solution might take place?
Stop being a stupid sheep. Workers deserve a voice and the rich will simply try to shut you down. Some clowns who are poor may be worshiping the rich, hoping if they kiss their butt, they'll get some good boy pennies 馃槀
Ignore them.

Think about this every day you work. Make sure you start a company. Trade small businesses. Support them. Let the money be in YOUR hands. Not theirs. They just keep it. Be wise. And ignore the voices of those who wish for you to just mindlessly obey. You're worth it
graphite61-69, M
No more pensions for longtime employees - the CEOs keep all that money for themselves now and let the retired employees file bankruptcy and become homeless when they are old.
@graphite such should be the main focus of the people but we're busy hoping the news cares 馃槀

I think the people have to have the courage to start a voice and to genuinely speak and have a good platform to voice themselves cuz they're not shaking hands in private offices and business meetings 馃憖

They should have congregations and public demands. Hopefully they can all get off tiktok 馃槃
That communism on a global scale..

Good job comrades 馃暫馃憤
@TheOneyouwerewarnedabout wait, are you saying communism caused the wealth imbalance? 馃憖
@sexyjigsaw they took all the middle class wealth. Shut down their businesses and gave pidley handouts to survive..
and redistributed that wealth to their friends.
Text book..
@TheOneyouwerewarnedabout ah, I get your point. I see
Democracy in economic affairs is called socialism or communism.
America said no to democracy in the economic system long ago.
Crazywaterspring61-69, M
Welcome to capitalism. Marx explained the capitalism and democracy are incompatable.

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