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I wish I could be more confident haha.

I want to get more motivated and make friends but I feel like its totally impossible for me and this feeling inside me just makes everything worse I feel like its the end of the world lol
It sounds like you're overthinking a bit.. I could be wrong. Either way, it's okay and completely valid to feel that way. However, it's not impossible to make friends with confidence. It really depends on you. You just have to trust yourself, and be yourself to make friends.
I find that when I feel nervous or insecure it helps to acknowledge my thoughts and feelings. And then simply letting them go and moving on with my day. Sometimes it even helps to poke fun at my thoughts. Remember, making friends is not as hard as it seems, and you'll get the hang of it! You got this!
MachineBoy · M
@vilomnia THANK YOU SO MUCH, It means a lot for me :"> I'll try my best!!
UnertraeglicherSpasti · 22-25, M
Have you considered drugs 😌

In Germany we say "Mut antrinken" which means drink confidence 🍻
MachineBoy · M
@UnertraeglicherSpasti Woah so you traveled a lot! I'll go after it when i have some free time. I bet its good
UnertraeglicherSpasti · 22-25, M
@MachineBoy yeah just put yourself in an uncomfortable situation that you know you'd enjoy if you were just a little more confident and then drink a beer or whatever your drink of choice is.
MachineBoy · M
@UnertraeglicherSpasti I will do it, thank you :>

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