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I feel so lonely…

I’ve never felt another level of loneliness and emptiness until these past days. So lonely and empty that when I’m siting at the edge of my bed crying, I pretend “someone” is seating next to me and taping me on the shoulder telling me“You’ll be okay, just hang on a little longer.”

That “someone” is me…
Steve42 · 51-55, M
I used to feel the same and then i realized I'm never really alone. I have God as I understand him with me every second of my life.
in10RjFox · M
Sad to hear how world has come to it's worst State where we are deprived of the community that once took care of us. We were never a burden to ourselves, but now .. we are now our own worry and burden.

Just get out and make friends, start caring for as many and get involved.
Smiley95 · 26-30, F
I had a group a friends but 2 stopped talking to me idk why. I lost 1 friendship recently because she betrayed me. And last week me and my mom got into an argument about her religion and my view of it and she disapproved. Then my marriage is basically at its end. So I literally feel like somehow I’m failing in life. Because I can’t keep a single relationship with anyone. And I mean, those whom were closer to me. It’s that loneliness that I’m going through. I’m here speaking to random and very nice people . I thank you all.
Muldoon · 51-55, M
[@1232522,Smiley95] I had that life track. I got out of it and worked my way back to happiness.
Looking back I realize it's more common than you think. Hopefully time will heal your heartbreak.
KainAbel1 · 41-45, M
Me too. Only difference is. In my case. Nobody cares. I think if shit doesn't improve. I may pull the plug at some point
MrDani · 31-35, M
Me too, may we chat?
MrDani · 31-35, M
[@1228945,MrDani] should we?
Mindfulness · 46-50, M
You need an around you and a big cwtch.
I hope you're OK, do you have friends or family you can speak to about how you feel?
BigBen · 61-69, M
I feel for you. I am alone almost all the time and loneliness is ever present. I hope you find some solace soon.
SW User
How come you didn't make friends all though life?
theworldofGia · 26-30, F
Hugs, girl.
there there.

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