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It’s so funny that when you share your depression with people around you you get bullied more [I Am Depressed]

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Justmeraeagain · 56-60, F
Sorry that is hurtful and of course not funny at all
wallflowerguy · 26-30, M
Yeahh. I know that it’s really heartbreaking @Justmeraeagain
ravenhill · 46-50, M
don't let the bastards grind you down.
[c=004A59]Not funny at all. I'm afraid you're right though.[/c]
@wallflowerguy [c=004A59]I've found there's a rough crew here that gets off on mocking people when they share. You may have to become best friends with Block and Mute.[/c]
wallflowerguy · 26-30, M
@SW-User I know, but it’s so painful when it’s your family, friends or even your gf
@wallflowerguy [c=004A59]I know what it's like to have family do that. Trouble with family is, we expect unconditional love from them. In reality, I don't think there's any such thing to be found anywhere.[/c]
AbusedNeglected · 36-40, M
When you start to change as a person, other people might not like it. But it’s their problem they can’t adapt, not yours.
wallflowerguy · 26-30, M
@SW-User nyaaa

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