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Am I truly broken? [I Have Aspergers Syndrome]

While I'm happy that my Aspergers boosts my creativity side and I'm trying to accept myself with it.

I can't help but feel that I'm broken. All my live, I've been beaten down, called names, kicked and all out bullied because of it.

Even friends I knew for years last year told me I was downright broken because I had Aspergers and they didn't want me in my life. And they'd be surprised if anyone did. After they said that, and after on my work shift the next day I was told that they had created a messenger group to talk about me and my "problem" behind my back. And they started spreading rumours about to my other friends so I had to leave all social media.

Since even though I've been feeling alone. I just think it's easier to be alone if no one can accept me.
LeaDhelani · 22-25, F
Dont worry about those idiots! Its THEM, not YOU! Dont let them get to you, thats what they want! Forget about them. Make new friends or find a hobbie to keep your mind off things! Really dont worry!
RavenclawGamer · 26-30, M
@LeaDhelani I know but it's really hard. Especially after being around them for 4 years and I didn't know they could have such malice. 😥 Thankfully I got writing and my videogames to keep me busy so hopefully if I sink myself into them, it'll help. Thank you so much, my friend. :-)
LeaDhelani · 22-25, F
@RavenclawGamer Youre welcome. People can be deceitful and it hurts to be betrayed and youre right is very hard! What kind of video game do you play? Do you know milion lords? I love it. .is a strategy video game. My friend i have to log off stay strong and we will chat again soon 🤗, stay strong and dont worry about such people...You are so much better off without them.
LaylaTheTallGirl · 18-21, F
Wow that’s horrible. How do exactly how you feel because the same thing happened to me except more of the best friends part. I’ve heard this group of girls that did not really want me to hang out with him as it didn’t really wanna be friends with me in the first place and they were just using me. My family and friends tried telling me bro I would not listen and I was too stubborn to listen to them according to them. Even in my own family I’m left out I can’t fit in nowhere. Don’t talk to me but I never get invited to go places with them sometimes. Forget those idiots there’s something wrong with them not you.
assemblingaknob · 26-30, F
Oh my that's super unprofessional and immature. Well you're better off without bored, miserable people like that!!
What would rowena ravenclaw say hmmm? Strength in knowledge ;)
RavenclawGamer · 26-30, M
@TryingtoLava I suppose she would say that. Thank you my friend. :-)
LaylaTheTallGirl · 18-21, F
Wow!!! Are you serious? I can’t believe those idiots did that to you! Screw them! You’re better off without them in your life anyway. I had something similar happened to me too and it was crushing.

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