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It must be hard for my wife...

To visit her mother whose been in a nursing home for years with ever-progressing Alzheimer's. The thing is, Alzheimer's runs in the family and my wife is starting to show what seems to be the first effects of the disease, so it must be horrible for her to see her Mom unable to get out of bed, in hospice care, unable to recognize anyone or realize where she is, and know she likely has the same disease in her future.
Heartlander · 80-89, M
Getting a jumpstart on dementia diseases can mean the difference between later being happy but very confused Vs angry and confrontational. An angry and defiant demented person in the house, or even at a memory care facility can be impossible to care for.

There are drugs as well as lifestyle adjustments that can slow the progress of the diseases. Hopefully defer the worst of it until after they die because of something else.

If you have just the hint that you may be going down that path I suggest searching for a dedicated clinic that handles such neurological conditions. Sooner rather than later. Many University hospitals have such specialty clinics. These are diseases that require the whole family, even the whole community to help the one afflicted experience the best quality of life possible.
smiler2012 · 56-60
{@chipmunkernie] sorry to hear this had family members fo precisely the same way aunties uncle and grandmother . it is a terrible illness as you loose that person in a way and it hurts . i think the worst part in your wifes case it is hereditary it is something not to be waiting for coming
my dad had it. it will be hard for you also. start recording her past . have her tell you of it and at least you will have a piece to give to your children if you have any. new drugs out every day so there is always hope. mark
I’m so sorry, Ernie…
My mother is dealing with dementia, and I’ve wondered if that might be my fate. My grandmother never had dementia, but she didn’t live as long as Mom. It’s weirdly comforting to know that because of health issues I’m unlikely to, either. Other than the dementia, she’s in perfect health.

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