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I Have a Child With Adhd

My son has recently been diagnosed with ADHD. He is 11 now, we've had issues from a very young age battling to get him the support he needs. He's a very intelligent boy but has a very nasty temper, his outbursts are becoming more and more difficult to manage.

I'm trying to research about the condition, there is so much to take in, I do feel like I'm drowning.
Carazaa · F
1. Develop a really great relationship with him like playing ball for an hour after school etc so he doesn't need to have problems to get your attention. Praise him when you see him doing something good!

2. Ask the school psychologist to give you the ADHD inventories and give one to the teachers, one to Mom and Dad, and Grandma, and babysitter etc.

3. Call a pediatric psychiatrist and make an appointment. [i]Bring all [/i] the filled out ADHD forms to him.

4. If he suggests meds (Ritalin, etc) to test if he does good on that, then follow the Psychiatrists recommendations

5. You should see immediate results in school and from the teachers, including his anger management.

ADHD means someone has Attention difficulties, distractability, with hyperactivity, or without hyperactivity, and impulsivity. If he has difficulty at school and falls behind then the School Psychologist can test to see if He qualifies for Special help by giving him a Psycho-Educational Assessment. However a student who has ADHD is often hyper and the test is not always valid, so he has to qualify in another way too like low performance in school. If he has 2 deviations in 2 areas different than the average student (22 points difference) in any of areas between IQ and Academic performance he qualifies in most states in the USA for Special help. Because then they think he is smart and with some help he can excel. He can get help with the resource teacher, speech, or special class, or even special school if he has emotional problems. Some very bright kids and adults have ADHD. I think I have a little of that ha ha.
@Carazaa I guess the processes will start next week after a meeting we have with the team. Meds will be discussed there also. I'm sure with the right support he will be able to move forward in a postive way I know it will take a lot of time and patience.
Carazaa · F
@SW-User OH One more thing. People who lose their temper don't know how to express themselves so helping him with that would be good, like saying "oh you are very angry so you have some choices now, Would you like to sit down and talk about it? then you can have a treat with me, or if you choose to have a bad attitude and hit something ok but then you wont get desert, or watch some tv later its your choice. To give him some power to choose.

And don't forget to role model feelings. People that hold things in usually are violent or have addictions as adults, so learning to express emotions is important. Remember to share your positive emotions with him every day.
Spectre128 · 46-50, M
I feel for you Johnny, I have a 16 year old with autism and ADHD, it's tough, and I know exactly how you feel with the drowning feeling. Your probably lack of sleep doesn't help either.

Just want you to know you are not alone.
@Spectre128 thank you Spectre I appreciate your support. We are awaiting a final test and then they will diagnose for Austism
Great Britain's National Health Service always has some excellent advice.
@SW-User Of course, it doesn't come off as ungrateful, Johnny. It must be extremely difficult for you.
Carazaa · F
@SW-User Make a behavior contract and reward him if he controls his temper daily with points and after a week you and him can have some fun time together. After each week he gets another reward with you. If he loses his temper he has to start over. Discuss with him the rewards he would like to get. Behavior contracts always work. He gets no rewards if he loses his temper. You should see immediate change.
Carazaa · F
@EugenieLaBorgia We can solve all the worlds problems here haha!
Mindful · 51-55, F
Consistency And knowing it will work with time. Explaining why his out bursts are unacceptable or inappropriate and explaining how hard you work to be patient so you expect him to work just as hard to control his behavior. Find healthy motivational rewards not just punishments/consequences. But consequences are important.

Medication is helpful

Also... hormones And a flood of confusing thoughts and feelings... crush or rejection... someone laughing at him in school...teens don’t always know this is at the heart of their anger
Mindful · 51-55, F
If your words and actions are based on love, your son will turn out better than okay. As long as he knows you’ve “got his back” and that you love him@SW-User that will be his source of motivation
@Mindful I hope he knows that. I try to reassure him as much as I can in both good and difficult times.
Mindful · 51-55, F
@SW-User awesome!!🙌
I have severe Adhd.. I turned out ok. Let me know if I can help.

Praying for you guys. Mental health is... yeah
meJess · F
I have friends with ADHD, they seem to need breaks from activity to relax so they don't get overwhelmed, that seems to make them lose temper.
@meJess he is in a specialist school and to be fair they do break up his day if he's getting stressed they take him to the gym they have or let him outside to kick the ball around.
meJess · F
@SW-User Hope you get a routine that works for you both, they are nice people, just have a need for more planning.
@meJess yes, we will know more after a meeting scheduled for next week.
LRain ·
Sorry.. i have a brother like that and its easy to get fed up with 😕

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