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My wife has to have some mental disorder going on with her

Sunday before last, she had returned from a week-long visit away and when she did come back, she was being all sweet and pleasant for a good few days. Later that week, however, she started getting mean and only got worse over the weekend. Much worse! This past Monday, she suddenly snapped out of it and has been being decent again since. I know she has some issues but she could very well be bipolar or something. I have no idea, but this isn’t the first time she’s rapidly switched gears on me, seemingly out of nowhere. I might have my own issues too, but I never go losing my shit over her one day then being totally okay the next. Regardless if she has anything serious going on, she does have a problem that I wish she would take care of. I can't force her to, of course. But I've warned her about this: one day I'm finally going to have enough and leave her. I think it may take for that day to finally come before she starts taking it seriously... Assuming she would.

She has been being okay lately, this is just a thought I came to mind is all. We'll just see how long she holds on to this better attitude.
You two love each other, that much is clear. I would say don't throw in the towel until you could live with walking away. I would encourage her to reach out for help especially if its effecting your marriage, you are too wonderful to lose.
My daughter is bipolar and she switches like that too. But she, like your wife, needs to want help to even consider it a problem. If it is a problem, I hope she wants that help before you give up on the two of you. I know, it's hard to take.
It may be monthly cycle related?
Does she realise her mood changes herself? Maybe ask her to keep a diary and you keep one too and see if there is a pattern.

I know you feel frustrated but try and work through this with her
Ducky · 31-35, F
@InOtterWords I think it can be sometimes, but we're in sync and we haven't had our menstrual cycle yet. She'll go from admitting to getting nasty with her mood to outright denying she does anything wrong.

And thanks. I'll try

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