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I don't understand rapists and it is interferring with my work

I maintain a barely use twitter account for people scrapping the bottom of the barrel to find in regards to tracking down their loved ones who are hostages. I got involved in this by accident a while back when a dummy from my old unit (after I left my unit) deserted in Afghanistan and was captured by the Haqqani network. I developed a system for tracking people down based on image analysis, I didn't find him but when later asked about a missing family in Afghanistan I quickly tracked them down to Pakistan. I later learned this was Open Source Intelligence (OSINT). I never got training on it, I'm just naturally really good, and trained a few naval intelligence officers and police up on it in my spare time. I've never collected money on it and never took a bounty. I moatly keep anonymous and aloof.

What's keeping me from going into kidnappings involving rape (where rape is likely the motive) is in large part I don't understand most rapists. It never was a impulse in me. And women get angry when guys say this.... but I don't understand when ugly women get raped. Yes, I can categorize it as a crime of impulse, opportunity or familiarity.... but in my head if I ever made that leap into deciding "Today I'm gonna be a rapist", it's probably not gonna be the chubby chick with acne on the bicycle on a country road living in a trailer. If I have all the women in the world to choose from, I'm high tailing it out to some rich suburbs outside a city and I'm selecting someone really nice.

And you kbow what? Outside of the rare celebrity stalker, that never happens. Rapists don't think like that. They see that ugly chick on the bicycle and they want that. So that's a mental block I can't instinctively bridge. I don't hnderstand them, so whenever I've poked around with this I've come up with mechanical formulas on how he would approach, evade, etc.

But most aren't that analytic. I'm thinking like how a trained guerilla fighter would move through a area in order NOT to be seen. Most rapists are not thinking about eliminating evidence.... heck, they leave a puddle of DNA behind. Scratch marks, blood even.

So since I can't really comlrehend this I don't pursue it. I know a number of people with weird paraphilias from the philosophy community, some of which landed them in jail. I kinda understand that stuff, but not rape.

It's so similar and related to what I do and yet in this one aspect so alien and unfamiliar. It's bothered me I can't dig around in my head like Carl Jung would and find the unjversal inner male rapist persona all men have, understand it introspectively and intuitively grasp it. I just don't get it beyond a intellectual sense. So that stymies my ability to read who I am tracking down. Doesn't mean I'm completely incapable in such a search, but I'm handicapped.
AntisocialTroll · 56-60, F
Rape has very little to do with sex and attraction, it's more about having power and control over someone against their wishes.
Onasander · 41-45, M
@AntisocialTroll No, this is something women say to one another when explaining why guys (usually an ex) behaved in a relationship. Women decide stuff on eocial concensus with one another, I saw a post earlier today of a woman asking why her man wanted to be cuckolded and came to the (bad) conclusion based on other women's opinions she was breaking up with him. She just wrecked her relationship over this, and countless previous relationships by women who passed down this reasoning to them prior were wrecked as well. They don't try to figure this stuff out on their own first, or at least ask a guy who's been in a similar psychological state of mind. Last person I would ask for advice as to why men rape is a woman. I need to query a couple males who done it to find the real reasons. I gotta understand it so well as to be able to spot that reasoning in my own instincts and how I see the world in order to get a inside track. I lack that inside track, but I'm certain women understand it even less than I do. They just make up feminist reasonings for what happened and whoever is dominant in their discussion group opinion wins out. All that chit chatting has nothing to do with reality. If I gotta find someone locked away in a basement hole I need real information on male paychological states. It doesn't exist in our current intellectual society. It got hijacked by women's movements. It is a very unproductive attitude as a civilization to have. Just makes us sicker.

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