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This is your reminder that having a mental illness doesn't absolve you from taking responsibility for your actions.

You do have an amount of control.

When you go around harming people and taking advantage of their empathy, that is on you. You. Not your bipolar, or your cptsd, or your are making shit choices. The fact that you can justify them one way or another just shows that you're in control.

Learn from your bad decisions.

Now off to telling my partner that my anxiety attack mean I need to excessively shop. And it is probably the result of no breasts' caresses yesterday and their heavy work schedule.
Queendragonfly · 31-35, F
You do have an amount of control.

This is a bit twisted since mental disorders literally means disability. As in, disabled from acting normal. We are in fact not in control of things normal people are and we are constantly criticised for it as if we're just lazy or rude by choice.

We can only be as "responsible" or calm or reasonable or normal as our abilities and circumstances let us be.

"When you go around harming people and taking advantage of their empathy, that is on you"

Yes, but. Most of what happens when we have a severe mental disorder means, it happens on a level beyond our consious mind. Aka. It isn't our choice.

However if you feel harmed or taken advantage off, you who do have the choice, should disengage from that person if you think they are a danger to you. It also automatically protects that person too.

To automatically blame mental disorder reactions on the victim of a mental disorder though, makes you the harmful one. And unfortunately many with a mental disability, won't realize they have the choice to leave.
Queendragonfly · 31-35, F
@Miram Maybe your moral compass is a bit extreme. Ever reflected on that? I don't find your arguments especially realistic. Unless you're talking about abuse and manipulation, you're holding extremely high standards towards people who simply are wired different and fight against what reactions and logic their bodies and brain tells them is normal, because that's what mental illness means.

I can talk about my personal mental illness if that's more suiting for you. But I am a supporter of the entire mental health awareness group and so I will say "We" when I speak about the fight we face every single time people like you come with patronizing attitude and make anxiety a very serious mental disorder some silly boob joke.

The irony that you expect empathy and specific moral behaviour from mentally disabled people while you're this ignorant rude and condescending by choice, is the very reason why I had to comment here.

Something tells me you're great at pointing fingers at others, so let's point some at you since that seems to be within your moral compass.
Miram · 31-35, F

Let's break your tantrums apart.

"Maybe your moral compass is bit extreme. Ever reflected on that? "
There is no such thing as an extreme moral compass. That is completely senseless statement and a ridiculous gaslighting attempt.
"I don't find your argument espacially realistic"

I don't think that is the issue. You know it is realistic. The issue is that what I shared doesn't support the narrative that victims can't themselves be abusers. It is not very convenient truth for you because likely you're one of those people who harass others, and use labels to evade accountability.


More than that, it is self-defeating and inconsistent to argue that you can't have normal morality because you have a mental illness, and at the same time expect me to consider your stance towards my thread and morality after you have denounced your own agency and control. Why should I take you seriously when you are telling me not to?

And to add to the ridiculousness, I have a mental illness too. Based on your own "logic", you shouldn't be here trying to convince I shouldn't believe what I do. Lmao. Your comments are like human centipede feeding on itself.

"Unless you're talking about abuse and manipulation "

What else would I be talking about taking responsibility for? 😂
This is so obvious.

"You are holding extremely high standards towards people who simply are wired different"

Just to remind you; the expectation being that you responsibly acknowledge the hurt you cause.

And literally EVERYONE is wired differently whether or not they have a mental illness.
"Because that's what mental illness means"

No, that is not what a mental illness means. That is how you misunderstood it unfortunately, despite trying to paint yourself as an advocate of mental illnesses. I think you need to do little more reading.


" I can talk about my personal mental illness if that's more suiting for you"

This sounds like you have trouble understanding what I said. I am already aware of your new claims.


"But I am a supporter of the entire mental health awareness group"

I disagree with that. You use it as platform for pitiful personal agendas.


"People like you come with patronizing attitude"

Don't dish it if you can't take it. Your initial comment was very mean spirited and you have admitted to that intent in this one.

It is absolutely not my problem that you feel insecure towards me pointing out the harm in weaponizing mental illnesses. You will have to find something else as justification for your behaviors.

"Make anxiety a very serious mental disorder some silly boob joke"

I can joke about MY anxiety attack or any of my issues the way I see fit.

The fact that you have felt that it is a problem that requires you to come here and treat me in contempt, just shows you have very poor grasp of mental illnesses and how people cope with them.


"The irony is that you expect empathy and specific moral behavior from mentally disabled people, while you're this ignorant and rude and condescending by choice"

I am condescending towards you specifically because you deserve it. I am not here to cater to the image you have created for yourself.

And as someone who does have mental illness and works in healthcare, I completely reject your attempt to speak for "us".

You speak for yourself alone.


All your future replies will be deleted. You have nothing to offer in this discussion. But I am glad you showed up as evidence to the point I was trying to make to begin with.
This message was deleted by the author of the main post.
BlueVeins · 22-25
This is very true and so important. It feels like shit to cut the line over stuff like that, but it's soooo necessary.
Miram · 31-35, F
@BlueVeins It definently needs be said. Way too many people in this website have been victims of this behaviour espacially.

I am not going to drop names but I have had people share their experiences with me that are clearly traumatized by this sort of acts. Burdened by guilt that's not theirs to bear and struggling to make sense out of someone else's self harm that was brushed as their fault. Traumatized they get anxious every time someone displays similar mindsets.

Even if a person is suffering, they need to acknowledge that punishing someone else for it will not solve it. It creates more hurt.

I have had my own issues with misdirected rage and suicide ideation during which I push people away, and do say hurtful things. It is abusive and it is not okay. The pushing away is only problematic because it made people think they are responsible for my feelings.

While it is true that the world is interconnected and yes, apathy and lack of support does/did play role in my issues, the way I handled it was still irresponsible.

We all need to accept the conflicts in this world. To exist is to reconcile. To live is to make conscious choices for healing.
GovanDUNNY · M
Keep on being your awesome self and tell him to stop neglecting your boobs
Notanymore · 36-40, M
I have to go fishing because of mental illness. My boss insists it isn't a priority, but he doesn't understand how it feels.
iamonfire696 · 41-45, F
I agree with you here.

As someone who deals with a loved one that doesn’t take responsibility for their actions and blames it on mental illness I understand this so well.

Thank you for pointing it out. I have heard it from many mental health professionals that you still have some control in how you treat people and you can’t fall back on your mental health issues.

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