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Help meeee

My bf wants “privacy” after I caught him commenting on other girls posts calling them pretty and sexy and beautiful. And now doesn’t want me going on his phone or like looking at it. Should I be worried?
PurpleHazeWA · 51-55, M
Yes and No

Yes because his behavior and reaction to being called in it suggests he’s still engaging in similar behavior with no plans to change - otherwise he’d be more inclined to doing whatever he felt was necessary to earn your trust back if that was important to him.

No because … fuck him … might sound harsh but you’re young and while I’m not trying to diminish your feelings for him and how hard it might feel at this time to go through this the facts are more on the side of he’s just one guy that you’ll be involved with in your life … some might treat you better and some sadly might even treat you worse but try not to let it get you too down and try to believe that happiness is out there for you but it’s not always easy to find (worth the fight though).
DerSilberneKonig1 · 22-25, M
@PurpleHazeWA Exactly this ^
Thefreckledgirl1 · 16-17, F
Vengabus · 31-35
If I could go back and talk to my younger self I would say to her “don’t settle, and don’t commit early. Don’t commit at all if you don’t want kids. A lot of men are difficult for women to live with. You will end up playing the part of their mother if you are not careful. “ that just my experience though, and there are some good guys out there.
Leave him. What you accept at a young age easily becomes what you accept getting older, and before you know it your life is full of complicated drama
IllThinkOfSomething · 26-30, M
Why are you thinking you can go in his phone anyway? You aren't entitled to snoop around in it because you're suspicious. He shouldn't be doing those things but that doesn't give you the clear to want to invade his privacy.
Privacy is one thing. Lack of commitment and still searching for someone else is totally different. Confront him with ultimatum and be ready to walk. Away. Fast. And don’t look back.
Break up with him dude. Giving any woman attention is cheating. Dont put up with that, have some self respect.
I would be that is too much information to be hiding from you
burnitdowwnn · 46-50, M
Worried was 50 miles ago
Yes he is hiding stuff
Sevendays · M
Yep, dump him
HappyCamper74 · 46-50, M
You should be

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