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I rescued a husky a few months ago!

He’s come out of his shell and is kind of a little shit disturber! 🤣😂

The weirdest part is he can kinda talk! Like he can say “walk” and he can say “I love you”! Scared the shit out of me first time! I was petting him and said “I love you” he looks me dead in the face and repeats “I LOVE YEW”!!! 🤣

If he’s inpatient he will whine “LETS GO” if I waited to long it’s “LETS GOOOOOOO”< it turns into a howl🤣😂
Iwillwait · M
He's definitely training you.

So.. what's he telling you to feed him? Left shoe or Right shoe?
Sleepysheep · 26-30, M
@Iwillwait Your not wrong, I’d like to think I’m a quick learner though I’m sure he would dispute that!

None of my pants have buttons anymore and he’s a natural archeologist, I can tell from all the holes in my back yard! 🤣
Iwillwait · M
@Sleepysheep Indiana Jones!
Queendragonfly · 31-35, F
A husky that doesn't talk is not a husky.
They're known to be chatty 😂

They're beautiful dogs that challenge you to the curb!
Sleepysheep · 26-30, M
@Queendragonfly Lol he’s a VERY SOCIAL creature and loves to shoot the breeze!

He won’t even want anything just look at me and and start vocalizing his point of view! 🤣

He’s beautiful but TROUBLE is he ever now! One thing that blows my mind is he watches tv with me! 😁
Matt85 · 36-40, M
Notsimilarreally · 31-35, F
Awwwww so cute and so hilarious. They are wild man. We talk about getting one but idk I kinda wanna stick to my bully's and retrievers. Husky might drrive me crazy(er) hahah. What's his name??
Sleepysheep · 26-30, M
@Notsimilarreally not a doubt in my mind a husky would drive you insane, when your not working your walking! 🤣

See my sister has a bulldog and that’s what I want, just a lazy mellow couch potato!

Instead I get a dog with more energy than scarface on coke!
DDonde · 31-35, M
Huskies seem fun
Sleepysheep · 26-30, M
@DDonde lol if you like to be challenged or are an active person they are nice, they are kinda really energetic I found. 🤣

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