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I'm noticing a weird pattern with trilogies...

I dunno if its just me, but usually the first is okay and interesting, the second is kick @ss, and the third is just... meh.

Anyone else feel this way about most trilogies?
CountScrofula · 41-45, M
Writing an ending is way harder than writing a second act where the big bad thing happens imho.

Also with films there tends to be a lot of production pressures on a third instalment which can fuck up a good narrative.
OctoberEyes · 26-30, M
I think that’s about right.

Only exceptions I can think of are Lord of the Rings (last movie won 11 Oscars!!), and Toy Story - until they decided to make a 4th film which was great too. Ennio Morricone’s spaghetti western trilogy ended on the best movie too, arguably (Good, Bad and Ugly).

Godfather is the perfect example of a dud third instalment. As a stand-alone movie it would’ve been alright, but compared to parts I and II, it’s just bad.
Ducky · 31-35, F
Most trilogies, yes. That or only the first one is good, but the rest suck. The only trilogy I can think of where it gets better with every movie is [i]The Lord of the Rings[/i] trilogy. I suppose the [i]Star Wars[/i] prequel trilogy as well, but that's not saying much since it went from bad, to okay, to good. lol
SamaYael · M
I dunno man. Return of the King was pretty amazing in its own right. Jedi was okay. The space battle was the best part. However, Empire definitely carried that trilogy.
NativePortlander · 51-55
Until the early 80's sequels were extremely rare, so they never really learned to develop them, Empire Strikes Back was essentially a pioneer in that field.
deadgerbil · 22-25, M
With the hunger games. Catching fire is the best imo
Fishy · 31-35, F
@deadgerbil #NotAllTrilogies
deadgerbil · 22-25, M
@Fishy trilogist
Fishy · 31-35, F
@deadgerbil No wait... Catching Fire was the 2nd of the series?
Coletracer · M
Well I hope the ones that I am writing are awesome from start to finish.
Jackaloftheazuresand · 26-30, M
I swap the second and third
basilfawlty89 · 31-35, M
I mean the original Star Wars trilogy, all three were good. Empire is the best though.

We don't really talk about the prequels and WE DO NOT MENTION THE SEQUELS.

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