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Shirtless at school

I go to my school's library for literature reading in the summer. It has a reading room separate from where the books are stored and that's ideal for me. Yesterday it was so hot (there was no aircon whatsoever) I wanted to go shirtless but my physics teacher (a kind young man) was sitting opposite, so I broke the silence and politely ask him if I could take my shirt off. Was expecting a no from him but surprisingly he said okay (there aren't any rules against it either) and I couldn't be happier to spend the entire time there shirtless :)
Honestly I hope u guys can experience it too cuz being shirtless where u normally wouldn't want to be is awesome :)
Also I'm in my out-going era so feel free to chat with me about being shirtless! I love to hear ur stories :)
smiler2012 · 56-60
@abcxyzzz 🤔that surprise me too he gave you permission was it mixed in the library girls too
abcxyzzz · 16-17, M
@smiler2012 I know right? There were only the 2 of us in the room tho, maybe that's why he gave me permission.
abcxyzzz · 16-17, M
P.S I really wanna try this again so do expect my updates! :)
AAAmax · M
haha that was unexpected but it's great though
irrelevant · M
Hey abcxyzzz, were you born under Leo?
abcxyzzz · 16-17, M
@irrelevant I'm a Libra 😅
irrelevant · M
@abcxyzzz Romantic, chatty, judicious.
How old are you
abcxyzzz · 16-17, M
@TxOutlawTyler I'm turning 17 this year
@abcxyzzz it won’t let me message you
abcxyzzz · 16-17, M
@TxOutlawTyler I'm not very familiar with this forum so sorry I can't help
MarkPaul · 26-30, M
That's crazy.
Bhs123 · 36-40, F

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