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I'm tired. tired of being the villain

I'll vent some shit here because I really need to get this off my chest. Maybe I was wrong but...

I was a really quiet and shy girl in my previous school but still a trouble maker. The 'silent killer' yk? All my life I felt out of place and so I was like "hey the loud people could fit in so well. there's so damn cool." I tried to adapt that personality but I'm feeling more and more burnt out and out of place.

My school just started last week and during summer break, I thought I could work my ass off this semester because I got my rest and I was recharged. Well, I give up. Im your typical trouble maker in school the previous semester, submitting crappy work and just 'idgaf' vibes.

Well I'm back into that phase. Idk if today was especially bad but the morning was fine, had my usual caffeinated breakfast and went to school. Then afternoon came and it was fucked. Scolded by my teacher but I was used to it already, no big deal. Then after that, I was fucking tired but nvm. Last period of the day, history. Needed to do some group essay. Since my group was short of 1, the teacher picked the bitch to be in the group.

Mind you, I wasn't scared of the teacher one bit but fucking hell I was scared of my classmates because ik gossips were toxic af. My computer had a virus in it and I trying the entire lesson to over code it so I didn't listen, as usual.

We discussed (I mostly zoned out because I was fucking EXHAUSTED) and that bitch kept asking, "oH aRe YoU pAyInG aTtEnTiOn? Please focus!" Bitch stfu pls. Then I asked a question because I wanted to participate FOR ONCE. Feels normal to everyone but it's a huge improvement for me yk? And that BITCH was like "did you not pay attention in class?!" Please not now, thank you. I was exhausted and when I'm trying to participate you shut me off. My little gremlin explained that I was resolving some issues on my computer so I didn't pay much attention to which she rudely responded, "tHAt diDNt AnSwEr My quESTiOn!" Like bitch wtf I thought you were smart, start inferring pls???

Really proud I kept calm and laughed it off but I was so exhausted physically and mentally today so fml. Really. Anyone know what I can do?

(Holy shit this was long if you made it here um thanks my gremlin name is Kayal. I call her Abby tho :))
youre only 18.. a lot of villinous years ahead of you
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caffeinatedcat · 18-21, C
@ffony tbh idk. maybe cuz i always did shitty work and it caught the attention of other ppl

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