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No matter what. I won't forget you. Father..

What did you think of me when you were dying?
Did you remembered, were you crying?

I wasn't there at time like that. I was far away.
Though, I believed you will come back and stay.
I deeply belived..

You lost your life. Your family is now alone. You lost your future, and everything your mind thought of.
Pain is gone now.

But that isn't fair. Because you left pain to remain.
Abusive father. Even so, in future I knew that could change.
(Buy you died...)

I miss you. Come back. I'm your daughter. But death made you forget..

I wish we could've made more happy memories.
Our memories weren't happy at all.

If I just knew. I would told you how I felt.
Yet I can't, you left.

Possibly, we both were wrong.
I don't care.
Thank you for father you've been.
I love you and I always will.

cerealguy · 26-30, M
You're beautiful

A hateless heart. Simply beautiful. Keep it :)

You have this empathy and I knoe you'll not only make it far but have plenty of good times and memories. Keep your chin up
murasakineko · 18-21, F
Kind of you💜
Midlifemale · 61-69, M
That was very nice

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