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i dont wanna grow up

im so close to being an adult im scared. all my peers know what they wanna do in their life and im just sitting here crying about missing how it felt being a little kid and having fun. now i have so much to worry about. i used to be so smart but im failing now. im using these last young years just to sit here sad and i hate it. i just wanna be a kid again so i can be held by my parents and fall asleep in their arms
Casheyane · F
That's valid. I'm almost thirty now, and at times, I still long for that feeling of being a child, protected and cared for. Cause now I'm the one doing the protecting and providing for.

But you know what? That feeling in your chest, you'll slowly start to see that even if life doesn't give you what you want, it's up to you find things and people to focus on that will make you content.

As you grow, and learn to do hard things, you'll experience more and improve and become a person you didn't think you could be. It will enable you to do more for yourself, for people you love, for God, for others.

But let me share with you a secret. Use that feeling to better the world for the people around you.
Cause the real challenge in life is doing what you have to do despite the fear. That is what people call courage.
And don't be afraid to fail. Because strength, like kindness, is something you can choose always. Moment per moment. Time and time again.

Do it. Because God gave you this life, and it is up to you what to make of it. :)
assemblingaknob · 26-30, F
You'll figure it out over the years.

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