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I hate everything

Alright look. I'm seriously wasting my life. The fact that i acknowledge that and am still doing it is mind blowing. There's this girl who I've been talking to. She is really confusing though. I've aldready confessed my feelings for her and she knows i like her. It's been weeks since then and everytime i try to get over her she keeps sending msges and saying she isnt able to make a decision. I know i need to stop and that she clearly is just doing this on purpose but my heart isn't allowing that to happen. On top of that family issues etc etc are just weighing me down even more. I feel like a boat just drifting in the ocean with no fix destination. Everything i have interests in is not of my age. I can't gym cuz apparently i gotta wait till I'm 18 cuz "i won't grow" and i can't join the airforce cuz I'm still too young -_-
Queendragonfly · 31-35, F
Tell her that you have better things to do than to let a girl treat you like an option between a pink or blue scarf. And that she's playing with your feelings and that you are sick of her so you have made the decision for her and tell her to choose the other guy she's thinking of because if she truly liked you, there wouldn' have been another guy.

And then block her exactly everywhere and cut contact and start to process healing from the fucked up experience.
AlteredMind · 26-30, M
You could tell her "Actually don't worry about it I have too many things going on right now". A relationship is not the cure to all of your problems, there is no magical pill or singular action you can take to make your problems go away. If experience is anything to go by my guess is you think you need to solve all your problems ASAP and that you need to find the key to your problems in which case you'll never find it.. there is no key.

Make small managable changes that will lead you in a better direction. You want to join the airforce? Do what exercise you can handle even if that is not much (don't need a gym for that) but you'll want to develop more habits towards joining like revision for your education, learning bits that are useful for people joining the airforce.
Budwick · 70-79, M
[quote]Alright look. I'm seriously wasting my life. [/quote]

Then start cleaning up your act.
Start by being honest - indicates you are under 18 - your profile say you are between 22 - 25.

You are already wasting your own life - don't waste mine.
AnotherBlur · 18-21, M
she's keeping you on a leash clearly. trying to keep you interested just enough to keep you around whilst not having to commit to anything. good luck with that man.
She is putting you on a back burner or has too many issues on her own to add a relationship to that.
Anon066 · 31-35, M
lifting when under 18 doesnt stunt your growth, that's a myth.
Teirdalin · 26-30
Why would anyone say working out would cause issues under 18. Lol
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