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I am forced to drop 2 of my college classes.

I go to a technical college, and I have Financial Aid. After like a month or 4 weeks of going, the students who attend there gets a refund. The more classes you take, the more money you'll get.
In the first semester, I had took 2 classes because a directory of the college recommends I start with that and I fully agreed since I thought I would have butt-loads of work. I took up 2 classes in mechantronics (stuff to do with AC/DC, circuits, electrical currents, anything to do with electricity or if you want to get a job as your state's power company). The first class was an introduction to college and computers. The second class was learning about AC/DC and power currents. I only had classes on Mondays and Wednesdays every week. This meant that I had a lot of free time on my hands.
So, next semester, this semester I am in now, I decided to take 4 classes and to change my major. I switched over to cyber security, since I decide that I want to program computers and make a career out of it. I picked 4 classes, because with 2, I had so much time on my hands. I couldn't pick 3 because I just couldn't and I wasn't allowed to and I wasn't supposed to. It's the rules.
The directory told me if I was sure about my decision and I told her that I was. Then it got to the point in picking my classes. I had forgotten what I had wanted to take, so my teacher recommended me some classes and assigned me to them. Before he did that, I asked if he could assign me to classes that are face-to-face. He told me that most of his classes are virtual and it was at that moment my decision bit me in my ass.
How was I supposed to know that most of his classes are virtual? I picked 4 classes because I wanted to be busy going to campus. They don't tell you which classes are face-to-face and which classes aren't. But I guess that's only for the cyber security major.
I am horrible at doing virtual work. With my depression, a whole 2 days will go by and I'll be in hot water because I am unable to complete my work by the deadline. Besides, I do so much better face-to-face and physically than virtual.
The four classes, I have two that are regarding labs on our personal laptops and they both have the same ebook that I need to read, I have one class that requires me having a textbook which means physical reading (I am good at that, but when it's a book and not a novel, I am horrible at it. I won't be able to process what I'm reading and it won't stick to me like a novel does), and ny third class is not my teacher's class, but another teacher. I hate her class because it requires me to read both the ebook and textbook. It's basically a review of what I've learned. Going back to the lab classes, I have a smaller laptop (not one of those school Chromebooks), a Windows 11 and what I have to do with those labs, is to do some tech-stuff that'll be in a Windows computer format. I have questions within the labs and I have to find the answers through all of those pixelated words and letters, with my laptop being small (but big enough to know it's a laptop), I have an extremely hard time reading those pixelated answers. My male teacher recommend me going to the local library or come to campus to use the library. I hadn't really had transportation so I have been failing those classes.

On all of my classes, I am failing and I need to take off 2 classes. If I take off two classes, I'll be in Financial Aid Warning. With that Warning, im the fall semester, I'll most definitely have to pass those new classes. If I don't pass the two classes that I am going to keep, I'll be on Financial Aid Suspension, meaning that if I want to enroll, I'll have to pay out of pocket.
The directory person literally scolded me for failing. She even told me that there are tutors in the library that I could have asked them for help. She didn't even let me speak to defend myself. She even told me that I should go to a library to do my labs and she wouldn't even let me defend myself on that. I hadn't had transportation and she knows that I don't have a driver's license nor a vehicle. During the first 3 weeks of class, I even asked my teacher if he could tutor me. He told me to wait next week to see if I have been improving. He didn't even tell me that there are other tutors. I thought the teachers there are the tutors, so that's why I asked. He didn't even recommend me to anybody so I could get help on my work.

But I guess there's nothing to be done. All of this could have been prevented... The directory knew I have a learning disability. Apparently, that's what happens when you don't seem like you have a learning disability...
ZulXeroth31-35, M
I tried uni just before the pandemic started and was doing fairly well at it.

Pandemic started and everything went 100% virtual and I ran into the same problems as you did.

Not only do I just naturally do better at f2f and hands-on learning, it鈥檚 the matter of accountability to show up to the classes on campus. Much easier to show up for it when you actually have to get moving.

I found I鈥檇 rather fuck around on Fusion (CADD program) or find cool stuff to print on my 3D printer than to open up a zoom lecture to something so utterly lacking in proper engagement.

One thing I wonder which might help: maybe there are syllabuses from these classes that tell you what topics are covered for homework and exams? If so, would maybe YouTube videos or articles in the internet be able to get you the information you need to be successful? I found that this helped for me, though ultimately trying to juggle a job, 4 horrible online classes, and raising a child on my own it was just way too much and I had to quit. Probably would have quit even if it was just the classes tbh, I have some serious trouble staying organized for one online class, let alone 4 馃槀 Hopefully the idea is one you find helpful, sorry I can鈥檛 offer much more in the moment.
ZulXeroth31-35, M
@Xalvadora also, may sound weird, but post questions on Reddit and then log in to answer with a throwaway or alt account, but answer it TOTALLY wrong. People love correcting wrong answers even if they don鈥檛 like answering your question. Psych hack 馃槈
Xalvadora18-21, F
@ZulXeroth Yeah, I have ADHD.馃槄
ZulXeroth31-35, M
@Xalvadora I figured, same here. It鈥檚 a gift in one hand and the absolute worst in the other, still think the pros outweigh the cons though.
Quetzalcoatlus46-50, M
Is this a private school or public?
Xalvadora18-21, F
@Quetzalcoatlus Public college.

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