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I am so drained

I have this bestfriend since 2nd grade. We've always been classmates until this year. She's always been my comfort person. She's like my sister. This year we are not in the same section. I have social anxiety. Im having trouble with socializing and making friends. Luckily I found some friends. Until now I still see her as my bestfriend. But her? I'm just now her second choice. I saw a her post with her 2 new friends. She didnt even informed me that they're at the mall. She's now cold to me. I'm giving her all of myself. I'm the only one whos making effort. And the other day, I was so mentally drained. She said something that has offended me bad. I feel like harming myself that time. That's just a few of the shitty thinks that she's doing to me. I cannot defend myself. I dont know whats happening in my life. I just feel like giving up.
AnotherBlur · 18-21, M
it sucks but you'll have to move on. since it's clear to you that she has. you have no reason to stick around and waste your time on her. you shouldn't let other people hold that power over you.
Noctva · 22-25, F
If she doesn't care about you anymore you shouldn't care about her too, i know its hard to give up on someone you cared that much all your life, but in the end the best solution, the one that is going to help you the most is staying far for that type of persons, she doesn't deserve your attention, you should look for someone who trully cares about you. I hope you find the solution as fast as you can, its hard to give up on something without knowing the reason, or thinking that its your fault, but maybe she doesn't have any reasons why and it was just because she isnt a good person.
updown2020 · 61-69, M
Well maybe she feels the same way about you well maybe you both need a Bestie night and clear the air or maybe the friendship has turned to something else thing change it normal and if you are not in the same classes anymore well that changes things to because you do not see each other as much as you use to so that changes things to.
penti · F
breakups (whether friends, family, lovers) are depression and anxiety provoking. things will get better as you adjust to the change. you'll eventually see that even though it wasn't your idea, it's the best thing for you. i'm glad you've found some new friends. your next best friend (when you find them) is gonna be awesome
CookieHappy · 13-15, F
Don't waste your time or energy, she's clearly over you, so you should also get over her. It's hard, but you gotta do it.

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