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my bf secretly dating my best friend

they dated for a long time without my knowledge, i just found out today, my best friend who dates my bf, told me. idk if theyre dating or no but they once went dating only two of them. not once but twice, not twice . i dont know how much. she only told me the newest. They even touching. they giggling, they.. it was so hurtful. it hurts to hear .it hurts to type. im so disappointed. he manipulated me, he lied to me, Even my OWN CLOSE FRIEnd lied to me. im glad she confessed everything today. disgusting
newdawnnewbeginnings · 36-40, F
Be very careful sweetheart.
This best friend is not a best friend, don't call her a best friend, nor a close friend, cut her off!

You are better off without her. I bet she told you "awww i am sorry he chose to date me, I really didn't know that you were guys talking" and all these stupid lies yada yada yada, talking like a crocodile.

She sounds like a female cousin of mine I tolerated, and her only closure she would want, is for me to force myself to accept her blames, with an excuse that she has mental sickness, when she doesn't realize she is twisting it on me, and every single person who stood next to her, wanted her to be twisting her personality with mine.

This is all because of her jealousy and them standing next to her, were afraid that anyone would know their lies.

But don't worry, I am here to break the cycle of the liars, I will be the light for every single person who has gone through and is going through the same like I have gone through in my lives.
Some people actively prefer polyamory, menage a trois, pansexuality or group marriages.

What is more important to you, the sexual straying or his lying and secrecy about it?

But for you I'd guess it's time to end it with him.

If monogamy is the only path for you, then you need to find out (before new a relationship starts) whether monogamy is his natural and default mode. Discuss your pasts: disclose venereal health, pregnancies, contraception, why past relationships have failed and what you've both learned. Co-create agreements about what each needs, expects and is willing to give.

Whether a man double-deals reveals his character; has almost nothing to do with his declared beliefs and morals. Some men are naturally faithful. His history is an excellent guide but religion is not. Less good looking, charming and successful men get far fewer opportunities to stray and are more likely to be faithful.
Vimala · F
May be she is more attractive with big bums and boobs. Males like big sized boobs
Justmeraeagain · 51-55, F
She and he can't be trusted hope they become your ex best friend and ex boyfriend
beefo · 26-30, M
So they fucked
Funlov · M
Your a kid you get over it
dannyppaul · 61-69, M
@Funlov listen you little piss ant...

...forgot what i was going to say but it was good
Funlov · M
@dannyppaul lol I’m just laughing at you
Funlov · M
Go away a little bug before I put my foot down on you
Adstar · 56-60, M
When you find out a friend is not a friend but a fake... This seems to happen more between female ""freinds??""

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