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im getting bad again

idk what to do, i just don't know anymore,everything is so tiring these days i feel so tired and exhausted, i want a break ,everything is so unbearable,my memory loss is getting worse and it's killing me,i wanna recover i wanna recover i cant let my grades detriorate and i can't mess up the chores taht they give me,i can't have such a memory at such a young age or else ill bring it w me when i get older,that kills me, I've been working so hard,so damn hard go pretty up my grades and everything,and in the end im just gonna fail bcs of memory fucking lose???idek anymore i just,i give up
Peterthestoic · 16-17, M
A strong person is not strong because he's invincible or indestructible but because he have will and determination to fight even in the most challenging and weakening times
ruerue · 13-15, F
@Peterthestoic i do my best though,like my very best and i still end up crumbling
Peterthestoic · 16-17, M
@ruerue then accept you're crumbling but still continue, all living things experience stress if you ain't feeling a thing you ain't alive and there's no emotion that is permanent. Always remember that
Peterthestoic · 16-17, M
Even you say that you're not a strong person, there's always hope just don't give up. You don't know what the god set for you

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