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Are you tired of hiding your feelings from someone? I'm having that problem now, if I express my emotions to that person I know I'm not going to get

the outcome I want馃槕
Bri8931-35, M Best Comment
I'd rather hide my feelings from someone rather than tell them how I feel and create an awkward situation and then I'll never be able to be in the same room as them again.

JRVanguard22-25, M
You can tell me how you feel馃ゴ

But seriously,
I鈥檝e been in that situation a lot and bite my tongue often
It鈥檚 frustrating but sometimes it鈥檚 not worth the risk
Hope everything works out for you as best it can
If you need a friend to talk to I鈥檓 here for you馃挋
JRVanguard22-25, M
@Witchthatwantsfun I appreciate you my friend and always have
*Squishes you*
It鈥檚 been nice seeing you on more frequently 馃馃グ
Witchthatwantsfun31-35, F
@JRVanguard Thanks sweetheart I've been less busy now for a bit馃グ馃グ馃グ
JRVanguard22-25, M
@Witchthatwantsfun Me too
At least for this week馃槄

But I鈥檓 glad our paths could cross again
I always enjoy interacting with you
QueenOfTheNerds41-45, F
Always. One person in particular because it will always be an argument.
Grateful4you70-79, M
How about the outcomes they might want? Too often, hanging expectations even for a casual relationship can have unsatisfying results. Perhaps reconsider you're current mindset. I wish you well.
Witchthatwantsfun31-35, F
@Grateful4you Thanks馃槂
Grateful4you70-79, M
@Witchthatwantsfun Most welcome hon. Have a great weekend.
What would you gain from expressing it vs. Keeping it to yourself?
@CookieCrumbs No, if you are interested why not let your feelings be known? There is nothing wrong with being honest and forthcoming.
I did. And I now know what they did with that info.
@CookieCrumbs I hope their response was something you were hoping for.
Kae2056-60, FVIP
I believe you should ALWAYS express how you feel. At as soon as you are sure.

Keeps things real for both of you. Sometimes the outcome that you want is not that far from what they want too.
But if you don't say'll never know .
I don't hide my feelings....

But I have learned to coach them in a way that doesn't shock people.
馃様 Def been there before. But I know I Def won't get anywhere if I don't say something.
Happens all the time... sometimes you just have to let them be known so at least you know
Why won't you get the outcome you want?
Witchthatwantsfun31-35, F
@caccoon I just know my luck doesn't work great with situations like this. Plus the situation seems too complicated to get the reaction I want.
Steve4256-60, M
It's ok hun, everyone has crushes. I'm just to old for you.
No, I'm pretty open about myself to hide anything anymore.
chasingWednesday36-40, M
I鈥檝e learned to keep my feelings to myself
No unless you count wanting to throat punch my mil.
Square in the face is more my style.
Reflection236-40, M
It should never be one way journey.
iamonfire69636-40, F
I hide my feelings all the time for self preservation

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