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I Hate My Life

I feel "I hate my life" right now.

I don't "hate my life" My children, my home, my work are all good. It's that I lost two really great friends because of an abusive relationship - AGAIN. That's what I hate. Not my whole life but the feeling is "I hate my life"
Wifebeater · M
Grow up. People leave. Die. Or whatever. You were born alone. You die alone. Everything in between is a memory. Which too faded and distorts over time and can't be trusted.
KaiserSolze · 41-45, F
@Wifebeater 😂 no, if I go around pinching people I'll get arrested 😂

It was a reflex action when I pinched my son. I'd read so much "I'm cool I have no empathy" that when he said it to me I pinched him on a reflex. "wtf" was his initial response and then he got the lecture above.

It needs to come from a millenial to reach millenials. They're either buying into the hippy gravey train of empathy is magic or buying into I'm a badass who lacks empathy. It's somewhat disappointing either way.

Spread the word lol
Wifebeater · M
@KaiserSolze I don't know. There's two groups. I feel empathy itself is politicized now, tbh.

Because caring about certain things and people have huge political implications.
KaiserSolze · 41-45, F
@Wifebeater politics is BS. I vote Green party partially as a statement that politics is BS so I refuse to caste a valid vote but still honour the idea of democracy and partially because what's more important than the planet.

Empathy is politicised and you're buying into that too now. F that. Care or don't care about what you care or don't care about. You own your own feelings and in that regard f other peoples, they're entitled to their view but it doesn't have to be others.

Liberal hippy empathy verses bad ass business psychopaths.

All bollox because most people are somewhere in the middle.

How do you control the masses? Pitt them against eachother. The system, like a sausage machine, makes everyone basically into the same uptight little sausage who hates every other little sausage. We forget we were once all just sausage meat. - That's from a book, I forget which one - but it's the best analogy I've read. We start off as kids spread out and connected. We grow up cut off, cold, frightened. Divide and conquer.. They did it using psychology instead of like past times using cheap alcohol to keep everyone basically sedated. Loads of people stressed out and depressed on medication feeling lonely, afraid and persecuted by society. And if their not on meds then they're bad ass. It's the best control the masses method yet.

You can buy into it all or not. But it's difficult to kick back and do your own thing when the herd is running over an imaginary cliff. Because it is imaginary. That's the beauty of it, that's why it's the best control method yet.

Years ago it'd be a fund raiser - create a bomb or whatever to get funding for military. Now it's a constant ongoing thing used to control. Adverts eg "are you loved" was a valentines ad I heard, wtf, like valentines day tells me if I'm loved or not but there's gonna be people who feel shit or good from that, there's gonna be people beating themselves up in every direction. However you react to it someone is gonna bag you out over it. I turned it off.

Everything we are exposed to, except other human beings around us is generated for the purposes of control. The other humans are unfortunately under its influence but that's unavoidable.

Anyway I try not to get into all this and just live my life.

Peace ✌
JohnOinger · 41-45, M
sorry to hear about Your Friends losing a Friend is Hard
KaiserSolze · 41-45, F
@JohnOinger yeah. Ty.
JohnOinger · 41-45, M
@KaiserSolze Your Welcome
KaiserSolze · 41-45, F
Actually I retract this. I'm leaving it here not deleting because it's a valid feeling.

But i was just replying to someone about her "friend" dilemma and she made me realise "who needs friends when you have enemies" She's supposed to be a guys friend but I've had kinder enemies than that bitch.

So fuck friends. I have enemies. What more could I ask. A backstabbing friend is worse than an enemy.
496sbc · 36-40, M
Awww 🥰 gezzz thats is horrible
KaiserSolze · 41-45, F
@496sbc I feel a better now. Was sad, felt upset, just gotta get on with it. Thinking I'll join a gym.
496sbc · 36-40, M
Umm a gym. Ok not bad@KaiserSolze
Sharky86 · 36-40, M
AngelKrish · 26-30, M
I hate abusive people... Truly!

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