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Slow Painful death vs Sudden death

I have seen few people around me who have been victim to slow painful death (cancer and other ailments) and few sudden deaths (caridiac arrest, dangerous accidents).
I feel sudden fast deaths are always better.. what do you feel, guys?
Matt85 · 36-40, M Best Comment
They both have pro's and con's. Like if you die slowly, you can tie up loose ends and make sure everything is sorted out but it can be painful.
DCGuy77 · 26-30, M
@Matt85 Well written.. but sometimes painful ones are little hard to digest..

Blondily · F
I would prefer just dropping dead.

My dad died instantly from a massive stroke.
Then 4 years later my mom died from alzheimers because she had broken her collar bone and both hips. What a shitty way for her life to end! Fuck!!!
Adrift · 61-69, F
@Blondily I lost both my parents to neurological diseases and it is sure rough on the family.
The worry, the guilt, the frustration and lack of support.
Aging in the US is not something I am looking forward too.
I dont want to put my own kids through that shit either.
Blondily · F
@Adrift The US doesn't do enough for the elderly. I hope I dont linger while I die. Its too costly and hard on family.
AlienFox · 36-40, F
I was there when they pulled the plug on my Dad. It took several hours for his body to die. It was horrible to watch and finally be told he is gone.

My Mom died slowly. Dementia ate her away until there was no point to keeping her alive. I know she would of hated her condition. It took about two years of infections and falls and constantly getting worse, then she passed away in hospice.

I hope I die quickly. I hope my passing doesn't torture my son. I often think if I know it's coming, I'll go out in the woods and let the wolves eat me.
DCGuy77 · 26-30, M
@AlienFox Sad to know about your mom.. it was tough for everyone in your house :( Dont worry about you, I am sure you are doing well by the grace of god and should not be thinking about death at the moment, dear.
Sudden death is better for the individual in terms of the avoidance of suffering. Slower death is better for the loved ones in terms of closure although they likely wouldn't want you to suffer. In reality, sudden death is the kindest. It's a shock to the system for the loved ones but in time they'd likely be grateful that it happened that way, if it had to happen at all. I'd choose sudden death.
melissa001 · 51-55, F
I've experienced both deaths, and definitely sudden death is a better way to go.
Dethmoore · 31-35, M
Fast death is cheaper and less painful, though it’s sudden. Slow death allows you to say your goodbyes.

Fast death, most often, is when they aren’t ready to go yet. Slow death means it’s their time, and this is more natural.

So, do I want to say my goodbyes and die more naturally? Well, if I didn’t have to pay hospital bills, I wouldn’t mind the pain over time. Maybe this would give me time to manage finances to decrease the burden on my family. A fast, violent death would be too chaotic, imo.

Pain really wouldn’t be an issue for me. I’d prefer whatever that carried less burden, financially and with a peace of mind for those that were left behind.

Short answer, slow death is generally better because I can plan things out and leave people behind in peace.
Fertilization · 36-40, F
I absolutely agree with you.

Sudden deaths might not be easy to digest but at least those who are connected to the deceased won’t have to see their loved ones die in a painful manner.
nemesis43 · 41-45
Sudden. Especially if it's going to be painfull and slow no one wants that
iamBen · M
I agree. The best is a gentle relatively quick passing.
Bleak · 36-40, F
Everyone wants to die in a painless manner.
WildWings · 61-69, M
@Bleak Yes they do and I certainly would.
I'd like to be taken while in a coma. No fuss no muss 😑
alongalone · M
I want to know I'm dying, accepting of it, in no pain and reletively quick. No funeral no obituary no grave just cremated is all I hope. But if my sis outlives me I have no doubt she will fuck it up to be exactly how I didn't want it. Zero trust in her but oh well she will have her way I'll be dead
Reflection2 · 36-40, M
Sadly, Faster is better.
[c=800055] Quick but .... </3[/c]
DCGuy77 · 26-30, M
@valobasa4ever I know, deaths are indeed painful!! but the one who passes away, dies quickly without sufferings
Silentpleasure · 31-35, F
Sudden....may not be pain free but at least you don't drag out the death :D
For me I would rather know when and not how - whether that be slow/painful. One could also argue that we are all slowly dying anyway, but I'd rather die as pain free as possible; eg, in my sleep.
Mattypp · 56-60, M
I think best go sleep no wake up death or having sex
RedBaron · M
Quick is easier for the survivors.
Peaceandnamaste · 26-30, F
It's better to die in sleep
badminton · 61-69, MVIP
I vote for sudden death.
WildWings · 61-69, M
Sudden would be better.
swirlie · 31-35, F
We always feel sorry for someone who has died very suddenly, but we only feel sorry for ourselves as we witness a loved one endure a slow and sometimes painful death.

The reason we feel sorry for ourselves is because we can't stand watching it happen. Imagine how the guy lying in his death bed feels about knowing his surviving loved ones can't stand the sight of watching him slowly die!
DCGuy77 · 26-30, M
@swirlie How true! No one loves seeing other dying.. it indeed hurts the most. Your last sentence makes so much sense... cannot imagine any person going through such feelings!!
swirlie · 31-35, F
One of the things that we all tend to forget about, is what it says in the bible about death. No, this will not be a religious plug for some church-based cause, but instead I only raise this issue to bring to light what everyone seems to forget despite going to church every Sunday morning!

What it says in the bible is that we cannot die. Those are the words of Jesus, not my own! It says that in the bible because Jesus was trying to convey to his followers that death is an illusion, not a reality.

That is why he went on to reiterate that our spirit is Eternal which is also stated in the bible, which means our spirit lives forever in eternity but our body of course, has a shelf life! That is why Jesus also went on to say that the body is nothing but flesh and will return to dust in time, which is true.

When we then lay the body aside after the dreaded expiration date of our body falls upon us, our spirit (which constantly surrounds our body) does not die because as Jesus said, "our spirit is Eternal".

What he was trying to convey to those who would listen to him was that we ARE NOT our bodies, but we ARE our spirit.

Our spirit is all that we are and our body is nothing more than a communications and mobility device that we need if living a lifetime on this earth.

Our spirit therefore is who we are as people, not our bodies. When you speak in conversation to someone, we are speaking spirit-to-spirit, though appearing to speak through the facility of our physical body to make that communication possible. That is why death does not actually exist, although it appears to exist.
Um, why are you focusing on this? As someone with a terminal cardiopulmonary disease on assisted oxygen 24/7, I am on anti anxiety meds to keep me thinking about it and going into massive panic attacks when I do. Focus on life.
empanadas · 31-35, M
I prefer dying in my sleep
DCGuy77 · 26-30, M
@empanadas Best way to die without doubt.. but better to die once we are done with our life responsibilities maybe?

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